How do you put music on this mp3 player

Discussion in 'General' started by tdavis020, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Alright well my Ipod Touch got stolen a couple of months ago and I don't have the money yet to buy a new one so I bought this $50 mp4 player. Its a Jensen 4GB mp4 player and the instructions do not tell you how to put music onto the player, and I had to google to find out what you used to put music onto it. I figured that part out, but I cant figure out how to put the actual music onto the mp4 player. Does anyone have one of these, or do any of yall know how to download the music onto it? FWIW I have googled it and I couldn't find anything to help

    This is the mp4 player I got
    Jensen MP4 Touch with 1.44" TFT - SMPV - 4GBTA : Target
  2. drag and drop maybe?
  3. Plug in your mp4 with a usb cable, go to your music folder, go to my computer then wait for your mp4 player to show up and then just drag the music from your music file to your mp4 player in my computer?

    S'how I used to do it. Hope it helps, m8.
  4. Its very simple to add songs in this player. You can add songs in it just like USB. I think there is no complication in it.
  5. I tried to drag it but that wouldnt work either. It like doesnt recognize the mp4 player when I plug it in.. when I googled how to d/l music on to it I found alot of people had problems with it, and supposively it does not recognize it bc its a 1.0 USB port, and I need a 2.0 USB port.. but I have no idea what that means to be honest haha. Theres a way to fix it which is why I was wondering if anyone knew how

    Edit: when I try to drag it, it says to install a writable CD into the computer?

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