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How do you properly inhale? From a Pipe, Vape, Joint?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by hereforfun, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Title says all
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  2. Breath in nigga
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  3. More than enough studies have shown huge diminishing returns beyond a second. Regardless of method or consumption.

    They key is to inhale deeply - gives access to the whole lung capacity for absorption vs a shallow throat inhale like a juul.

    Try breathing it into your mouth - pause / let it cool more and then inhale that deep into your lung for a 1 count.

    The only advantage of a long hold is if you did a shallow inhale - less lung area longer to absorb.

    Now as you go along - soon you’ll do blinkers. Where you inhale until the pen blinks and stops hitting. For many 4-5 of those off a vape pen will do it.
  4. with the joint you take a drag or puffs same with blunt and small pipe..... with the bong you just breathe in.... can just breathe in anything tho

    the reason you take a drag instead of just breathe in is it lets the smoke 1st cool in your mouth than you inhale. this is what most seasoned joint and blunt smokers do to get the most out of it because the smoke cools in your mouth allowing you to take more drags in 1 inhale.

    if u just breathe in all the time ull end up coughing out the hot smoke on accidnt more
  5. Yes also to ensure the smoke went thru your lungs u can exhale out of your nose only if you want to make sure to get it all lol but i dont do this all the time if i have a lot of herb
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