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How do you press bubble hash?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by jumpinoff, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. I want to make those classic looking hash blocks all brown and beautiful like. Can you do that with bubble hash or is it only the dry sieved hash that produces those types of hash blocks. Bubble hash seems like sand and doesnt act like it want to be cohesive enough to make blocks.
  2. Iam not so experieced in making hash ... so i do not really know it but i read in a Soft Secrets ( thats a hemp-newspaper in Nl & Gr ) that u have u press the hash in a compactor and than i google that and ifound some pretty nice compactors here!
    hope these helped u ;)
  3. they're the same thing.. the only difference is bubble hash is wet because of the cold water extract.. and it sticks just fine as long as its dried properly.. otherwise it will stay as a fine powder... here is what you do:

    run your bubble bags.. and when you pull the screen, put the product onto the pressing screen, but DO NOT press it, as the screen would make you to believe.. just have a towel below the screen and let it sit there for a few moments to dry.. its also ok to gently fold the screen over the top and press around the extract with a paper towel.. this will help soak the water out slightly.. you are just trying to get a minimum amount of water out of it.. not pressing it.. then get a card and scrape (should be easy if the right amount of water is gone) the glob into a cardboard surface and chop it up gently with the card... do the same with the other grades of hash but keep them seperate while drying. after you have pulled all you want and have it gently chopped onto the cardboard go back thru 1 last time (should be more dry now, almost sandy but not quite. more like rocks) and chop it up pretty finely.. i try not to damage the trich heads as much as possible by mushing and rolling etc.. dont do any of that yet.. if the trich heads are pressed with moisture still on them, the thc and the water will bind and the hash will never dry properly.. so now you have a fine rocky/sandy product drying on cardboard. let this dry for 48 hours so it is COMPLETELY dry.. now you have that same sandy looking product but it will stick together.. you can grab a small little rock and roll it in your fingers and itll turn brown and stick together.. or you can press it which is very easy and you dont need a store bought press to do it.. in fact i think this method works better than the store bought as i have used both methods.. get a piece of cardboard the cutout size you want the brick of hash to be.. wrap plastic wrap around it leaving 1 end open to dump the hash into the void after you remove the cardboard. so as i said, take the cardboard out of the plastic wrap and pour the hash in.. seal the open side by folding over... make sure it is fairly tight in there. then get newspaper.. i usually for a 3"x3" size of cardboard will use like a 9"x9" of newspaper to wrap around a few times.. wet the newspaper part you are using very wet.. put the hash wrapped in plastic wrap in the middle of the wet newspaper and wrap the paper around it.. put the newspaper combo on a frying pan on an electric stove on very low for like 2 mins on each side.. i usually flip a few times on each side.. u are just heating the hash so its easy to work with.. its ready when u look at it and its brownish color.. then get a glass (santa cruz lemonade organic) bottle.. pour boiling water about half way inside.. get a work glove so you dont burn yourself and roll the glass bottle back and forth over the top of the newspaper which is lying on a tile or some flat surface.. roll 1 side up and down.. left and right.. then flip and repeat.. do a few times for maybe 3-5 minutes.. unwrap from the newspaper but leave wrapped in the plastic wrap.. your hash should be dark brown and compressed together LOOKING... but leave wrapped in plastic wrap and put in the freezer for at least 10-15 minutes.. an hour is good.. take out and unwrap it and there you have it.
  4. oh and just to be clear the only difference btwn bubble hash and dry is that bubble hash has to be dried properly so itll be pure thc not bound to water thc.. keep your screen pulls seperate.. the 45,73,90,and maybe 120 might be full melt hash which is what u are looking for.. keep em seperate and try em all once dry.. and when u run your hash your 1st run should be gentle and quick.. u want your 1st run to be the purest hash for yourself.. then the 2nd or more runs u can combine and run vigorously which wont be quite as pure as the first pull, but still super super bomb.
  5. I don't have the whole bucket thing but will this method also work for pressing hash made using the ice wash method?
  6. yes i believe so.. its the same thing, just a different way of getting there.. with bubble hash the most important step is letting it dry all the way before you do anything.. especially pressing... once you have dry thc glands u are set.. i have never tried it but im sure it would work if you had kief that was unpressed and undamaged.. when you press hash the glands break open so thats why you do not press them until completely dry... otherwise itll break open and water will bind with the now open gland and u will never get the two to seperate from each other. on a microscopic level.. dry on cardboard for at least 2 days before you do anything with it.. just chop it up with a credit card right after u put it on the cardboard and let it sit there and dry.. usually after the first night ill go and scrape all the hash together (keeping the different screen pulls seperate still) then shake the cardboard back and forth gently to spread it out slightly.. itll look like super small tiny rocks and sand and everything in between. then just leave it for another 24 hours.. then u can press it.. i usually grab little rocks after the first night and roll it between my thumb and finger until it turns brown and balls together.. (should happen within a minute) just to sample them out while they are drying.. look for the screen(s) that full melts. they are the winners.. use the rest for cooking or whatever u want to do with it.
  7. may i ask where you get the plastic sheeting (cellophane type material) because I will be making larger quantities of hash this year. Thanks
  8. Ok everyone, been readin what you have all been sayin but let me ask you this...

    The background: Did the gumby ice wash method and got a whole bunch of trichs off my 4 plants leftover material. let it settle for over 4 hours, syphoned the water out and caught the trichs in a very fine coffee filter very carefully.

    The issue: after all the water filtered through the coffee filter, i mistakenly squeezed out as much water as possibly, and tried to press it while it was still wet. had it wrapped in plastic wrap and twisted it into a ball. its been just sitting in ball form for a day now but still wet...

    the question: should I leave it as a ball for a while till its fully dry? or should I chop it up as fine as i can to dry it faster and then re roll it when its all dry and sticky? and how exactly would i get it to re clump/ stick? anyone know of a good youtube how to roll video? haha

    this is my first time makein hash like this, ive only pressed keif, any help would be very appreciated :)

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