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How do you prefer to toke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 5cooby Doo, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Do you rather have small hits every 30 minutes or every hour?
    Or do you prefer to just take it all in a bowl or two at one time?

  2. I like to smoke a couple bowls every few hours to keep a strong consistent buzz.

    On the weekends I'll just smoke bowls on bowls on bowls tho :D
  3. I prefer to vape fat bowls out of the super surfer vape (SSV)...mainly because I feel it helps me achieve "maximum stonedness" :rolleyes:

    side note - small glass of ice water always on deck

  4. Do you find it's a consistent buzz but it's not as intense when you do multiple bowls? Or is it almost just as intense if you were to do one or two bowls together? :bongin:
  5. Occasionally i'll take a hit every half-hour or so to keep a little buzz goin.

    For my normal routine ill smoke about a bowl the first hour I'm awake to help my back pain, then in the 2-3 hours before I go to bed ill smoke another 2-4 bowls to relax and help get myself tired.
  6. Get high as fuck and then repeat
  7. I keep my SSV on all day,

    I think the rest just speaks for itself...
  8. Whenever I smoke, I have breaks after every couple hits, so when I start to sway when I walk, then I'll have a break for an hour or so, then repeat.
  9. i gotta have a combination of both, man. big bowl to wake up to. big bowl after lunch. big bowl in the evening. semi-big bowl before bed. in between all those big bowls i'll take a couple hits every 30 min to an hour to keep the buzz.

    though, if i made more money, they would all be big bowls :( .
  10. usually the second method; its too annoying to get shit out to smoke that often. but if im chilling with a friend for like a whole day, especially if we're fishing, we will usually smoke every 45min or so. got to have a lot of caffeine with you if youre going to smoke that much all day though.

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