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How do you prefer to smoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pat_mac_89, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hey guys just a wondering how everyone prefers to smoke their buds and why.

    I prefer bongs myself because they hit you fast and hard

    This is exactly like the bong we have i just cbf uploading foto onto computer :D
  2. i love my volcano but i love a single perc or duel chamber bong the most, nothing hits you like a fat bong rip
  3. Bongs then blunts then bowls.
  4. I smoke mainly one hitter to conserve weed plus it allows me to really stretch my day out. If I have some reg I will some blunts and joints I hate bongs I have one but hardly ever use it The smell of bong water makes me sick
  5. J's and bowls are all i know...i feel deprived, but uh i like em both the same.
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    Pipes, one-hitters, joints, and blunts.

    Not in any particular order.
  7. I love my bongs but an occasional joint is just as good.
  8. Ill be honest and just be blunt
  9. Bongs and joints.
  10. I don't really have a preference as long as the smoke gets aquainted with my lungs, but I usually smoke spliffs out of pragmatism.
  11. bongs and joints. close tie.
  12. Bong (just b/c most people dont get to use them too often. But my friend has an ice bong now! haha love it)

    Then bowls, spliffs/joints, blunts
  13. a nice bong, then a blunt
  14. Blunts, then my gravity bong. Nothing, will hit you as hard as a gravity bong that is well crafted and air tight. The smoke is so condensed and sticks right to your lungs, you will cough like a bitch if you shotgun it which is how it's done baby. Blunts come in first though.
  15. Blunt > bong > piece
  16. Blunt=Bongs<Bowls
  17. I prefer a decent vape, but a nice glass bong will satisfy me.
  18. i'm with a lot of people on this: Bongs and joints.

    i love love love hitting my Fathead (below) but sometimes there's nothing better than rolling a nice j of some sticky shit & sharing it with ur girl, or even by yourself :smoke:

    my tube
  19. blunts.

    simply put, there the shit.
  20. Nothing beats a bong for me, but maybe thats because I rarely get to rip a bong. I live in dorms, so I dont have the oppotunity to hit bongs much unless its someone's apartment or something.

    And if its nice out, its nice walkin around outside smokin a blunt... and bowls are good for smokin in the dorms.

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