How do you pop the question?

Discussion in 'General' started by Kronix420, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. When you meet new people (new roomate, person from work or whatever) how do you ask them if they smoke weed? I usually just hint about it and see what their reaction is.
  2. you run up to them- stoned out of your mind- with six kilos strapped to your body and wave a joint in their face. If they accept it then you know they smoke. If you find yourself in a cell with a transvestite called bruno who want's to be your "special friend" you know they aren't really that liberal about it....
  3. you get real stoned, get the guts, and just do it.

    or, you could go the vague route: "hey, by the way i was wondering if you smoke..."

    don't even MENTION weed, just say "smoke." then, if it's a true pothead, they'll ask "you mean like cigarettes, or?" and then you're off to a good start. if not, keep probing/hinting.

    if it's someone @ a job, or somewhere where it could get you in trouble, i think dropping hints that only a stoner would get is good. i'm still working on our downstairs neighbors, who have been here for a freaking year. thing is, one of the girls is our landlord's daughter, so if she DOESN'T it could mean GOODBYE for us. but they're hella cool, so i am NOT giving up yet. one of these days, when i finally go insane, i'll be knockin' down their door with a big phat bowl in tow :D

    good luck finding out haha
  4. stoner hints. Like what?
  5. Like when they mess up, ask them "What have you been smokin'?"

    I've worked with people for years without even knowing that they smoke. It just happens to come up at some time or another. Use those opprotuinities wisely.

    Then we end up being great friends.


    But I usually don't go around making a point to find new smoker friends. I go and visit with somebody who I know that smokes and ask them who is cool.

    Man I can't wait for this shit to become legal!

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