How do you pick your guerilla grow spot?

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  1. What factors go into picking your guerilla grow spot? I'm looking to start one up this season and need to know how to choose a good area to grow. I live in the suburbs, but not too dense housing areas. There's a decent amount of woods around
  2. i grow indoor but im sure just have to be logical about it.

    Is the spot near the general population?
    how far is it off the trail.
    are there other routs to this spot ( you dont want to leave a trail or make one)
    how much light is near it?
    Is there any natural water running by?
    Are there any other native plants around/ would it blend in?

    If you were to leave a 1000 dollars cash laying down in the spot for a week do you think it would still be there?

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  3. ok here are some tips keep away form camping and fishing spots and bush walking trales and away for creeks and river i grow about a 150+ meters away form the rivers and creeks and also keep away form the roads.
  4. I look on google maps at the general area I'm considering, then I find all of the possible water sources. Usually I put spots about 500ft from water in a clear area with southern exposure.

    Also, .5 miles at least into the woods is recommended. I do at least .5 miles from any use paths. Although with distance, the further isn't necessarily the better, you must account for carrying supplies in. Because of this, most of my grows are no more than 1 mile in. It's far enough, but still manageable to walk supplies in plus once a week to water.
  5. Thanks for the info. I've been looking on google maps, I just haven't known the criteria for checking out a good spot. I may have found one, I don't think it's quite .5 miles away from a few houses, but it is between two creeks so I don't think it will be easily accessible for many people. I guess I will have to check it out myself though. What else should I look for?
    I was thinking that the woods near a highway would be pretty unpopulated. Would this be a bad idea?
  6. I have used these areas twice with no problems, they were elevated enough above or low enough that if somebody pulled over to take a piss they wouldn't stumble upon the girls. Don't park on freeway, come in from far side which is usually a bitch but that's good if you know what I mean. Also goes w/out saying but make sure there is no access roads for maintenance guys near by. A word of advice though that if there is BiG blackberry patches where yr from tunnel into the middle and cut sparsely in and at middle. you'll need camo painted buckets to elevate them while young, make sure to sanitize fingerprints off them BEFORE painting them and wear 2 layers of gloves from that point on when loading yr car that night. Never take them off till just before leaving tunnel. Take a 2' x 2' piece of cardboard w/you. before you start tunneling take that piece of cardboard and get it dirty/muddy and then poke some holes in it(do this at home so less time on site) and using the dead underbrush from within the tunnel create an "gilly suit". When you leave the tunnel put this about 2' in and then use the uncut green branches of sticker bushes to cover tunnel. The cardboard makes so that a tunnel isnt seen(black void). Dont overcut inside where plants are, use twisties to tie plants to blackberry bushes when taller, wear thick gloves, elbow and knee pads and long sleeve flannel shirt. small handheld clippers is all you need for bushes cause tunneling is easy, all dead under there, their for the live stuff but yr not cutting much. When you start tunneling make sure to squirm ever so carefully for the first 5' so as not to create a big entrance. Once in its cake, its the perfect spots.
    No deer, bears, foxes, etc. Slugs, bugs and rodents are the only thing to manage. Nobodies dog can get in so worries about a person stumbling upon them chasing their pet. I grow right in city limits. The smell is dealt with by picking appropriate strains, I use the Afghan Goo and Blueberry. I wouldnt suggest Blueberry if growing commercially but it has big thick dank ass fire buds. Dont park near spots, be dropped off by friend who is close as a brother, I mean this! If you havent known this person for 10 years then its a nogo. You'll have to do it yrself just pull out a jack and tire iron like you just changed a flat and then when nobody is driving by start throwing equip/soil into bushes. Dont enter from where somebody can see from house! I dropped a friend off to tunnel in and parked 50 yrds away and sheriff pulls up behind me to question why I was here and my heartbeat never even rose. I had a cover story for this, I had a fight w/ gf and was cooling down to avoid a big fight and waisting LEO's time w/ a domestic dispute. He loved it. My friend is txting me to pick him up during this and I tell popo that thats my gf and need to txt her back. I txt him saying I will be there in 5 minutes after talking to sheriff, he replies bullshit and I reply poke yr head out and look. He does and damn near shits himself, it was all I could do to keep from giggling. I tell the sheriff that we made up so could I go and he drives off. DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS MY BROTHA. Good luck and yes I see this is last yr but good info is priceless
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  7. To anyone else that may be checking this post out.... If you are in a similiar area as the poster ie..suburban area *not too populated with plenty of woods*= Check the area for really old houses or cabins that are many years abandoned/forgotten. Most semi-remote areas have these creepy old places that have long since been forgotten by some old hermit or established before there were any neighborhoods (for you SE folks your area is absolutely crawling with these old timey dwellings, built by hand before electricity was inv!!! Also, look for signs of traffic once you come up on a good cantidate location. Humans will leave behind bootprints, cut/snapped foilage, rubbish/trash, cigarette butts <--(big one *Remember your childhood, remember kids going to their favorite ''clubhouse'' in the woods to try out cigarettes/cigars/& even Ms. M.J. herself!*) If you think you have come up on the perfect spot; Find the most obvious line of approach and in plain sight next to a solitary sitting rock/log place a small handful of dimes/nickels/quarters (and if you really want to be sure... a silver dollar or .50 cent piece on top <--ppl love those things!) make it look like someone took a rest and some pocket change fell out of their pocket. Check back in a week,,, if the change is gone....On to the next spot. You will know the place is right when after you return home you will feel no seperation anxiety from your newly adopted ''children'' and will feel just as safe as if they are still right there tucked away within your home :D THATS when your gtg.
  8. im so glad that i live in a state that is 75% woods. if i was balsy enough i could prolly grow in my back yard and nobody would know. nobody ever comes over and im on some back woods road. sucks for everything else, like having to drive 45 mins to buy a pair of socks, but its great for growing. we get enough rain that you wouldnt have to do much if anything to get it to grow. of course you want to check on it and such
  9. Use the search function brah.

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