How do you pick new music?

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  1. Every time I feel like I need to switch it up, i hit up Rolling Stone's 500 best albums list, pick a few I dont have and Bittorrent that shit.

    Currently downloading:
    The Beatles: White Album
    Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited
    Iggy & the Stooges: Raw Power

    Recommend me something good, blades?
    I like classic rock, punk, rap, some heavy metal...
  2. use Pandora. you'll find all sorts of new music that is hand picked to be similar to what you like already.
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    I use Pandora every once in a while, but Ive never really been happy with the results...

    They match all the characteristics of the music, but a song is so much more than the sum of its parts, ya know? I like the Clash cause theyre an excellent band, not because their music features subtle use of vocal harmony, repetitive melodic phrasing, extensive key tonality and major vamping.
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    I usually just research any names that pop out or buy something that looks interesting at a record store... (Once bought some CD for $3 then looked on e-bay to find only two copies selling for $50 each more or less)

    And for metal, assuming you like old Black Sabbath, try out some of these...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Pentagram - When the Screams Come[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - saint vitus - born too late[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Candlemass - Darkness in Paradise[/ame]
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    I check out the Freeleech section on :smoke:

    EDIT: Currently Seeding:

    Black Violin - Black Violin
    Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears - Flight of the Knife
    Legendary Pink Dots - The Maria Dimension
    Limblifter - Limblifter
    I-F - Mixed Up In The Hague Vol. 1

    I think you'll like those ones.
  6. i go to (its a music site) and just search a band that is my favorite and it will find similar bands. pretty easy.

    or i use pandora but i dont really like that one.
  7. Affiliated artists
    Allmusic guide
    itunes genius
    Rolling Stone
    The Source
    Random lists I find on StumbleUpon
    Stuff people talk about on GC

    I actually have an excel document with all the albums I've downloaded but haven't added to my library and ideas for new albums. I'm a music junkie and practically OCD, so everything I care about is overly organized.
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    That Legendary Pink Dots mixed in there makes me want to check out the rest....

    (There, that's pretty much sums up how I find new music...:p)

    Edit: And utterly struck out... :(

  9. what is
  10. I'll go to a place like a fan forum or a youtube video of an already favorite of mine song or artist, and people always mention other stuff they listen to. Especially on the artist's fan forums..there is always threads like "Who's your favorite artist besides _____"
  11. nas - illmatic

    if you haven't already heard it.
  12. You should just copy and paste my library in that case.
  13. i cant just be really stoned because im very confused, is this a real website or is this a virus?
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    haha, was halfway through downloading it before I even poasted this thread and the torrent shit the bed. Ill find another sometime
  15. Rolling stones' list is a good place to start, been thumbing thru their encyclodpedia of rocka n' roll at work taking notes, got some stuff I hadn't considered til I read about the artist.

    I like:

    rock - Iron Maiden - Powerslave, The Hives, Metallica - Master of Puppets/Ride the Lightning, Santana, T. Rex

    rap - Devin the dude! Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens, UGK(early stuff is really ill, later stuff is still pretty damn good), Richie Rich - Seasoned Veteran

    hope you like some;)

    I'm fairly strong in reggae/funk/soul too. Not much Punk or true classic rock sorry ;)
  16. nice, well make sure you get it, it's a great album.
  17. what i do too.
  18. It's a real website... The best place to find music. But you need to be invited by a current member, and unfortunately I havent worked up my ratio enough to have earned any invitations.
  19. Do you have any Blue Oyster Cult aside from Don't Fear the Reaper?

    I like Godzilla, Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll a lot of theirs.

    What about newer Black Sabbath songs some of them are good.

    Gorillaz? They have a unique sound.

    Arctic Monkeys?
    Deep Purple?
    Dropkick Murphys(Kick ass Irish band)
    Faith No More?
    Grateful Dead?
    Modest Mouse?
    The Offspring?
    Pearl Jam?
    Queens of the Stone Age?
    Red Hot Chili Peppers?
    Stroke 9?
    System of a Down?
    Tenacious D?

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