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how do you pay for it?

Discussion in 'General' started by Thelxiepia, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. what does everyone do for a living? gotta pay for things somehow! ;) i make ice cream and scoop it out for people who can't make up their mind. best job. everyone (well used to be everyone) who works there does Nitris oxcide or smokes pot. best job for a stoner. what do YOU do?
  2. I design buildings for a living
  3. customer service & purchasing, for a wholesale distributor of hardware/laminate/etc.

    i did work at baskin robbins during high school, and admit it sure beats working @ a fast food joint, there's virtually no grease involved, and most people are in pleasant moods as they're there for *YAY* ice cream!

    i always felt bad for the kids whose parents made them get the "junior scoop" though & hooked them up ;)
  4. i teach grade 8 on an indian reserve. all subjects (6) besides cree, gym and computers
  5. I work at the "Saturday Market"...Its the nations oldest saturday market and it's basically four or five square blocks of hippies with booths selling everything from glass blown bongs to gourmet organic foods... Its a major tourist cash cow also. Its like some crazy hippy zoo where everyone comes from all over the world just to get a glimpse of the 60s again.... Right now im the booth cordinator, I get up every saturday at 4 in the morning and start work at 5:30 Am and work until 10AM when the market officially opens...then I get a long ass break and come back at 4pm and stay untill 8:30 pm.... I basically come and coordinate where booths will go, I help set someof the main booths up (main performance stage, info booths etc.) and since everyone who wants to set up a booth cant always get one we have to coordinte a way to switch their locations around weekly so everyone gets a fair chance at the prime locations and just getting their booth into that weeks market....its one of the best jobs..its one fucking day a week, I get to work with some of the greatest people around, theyre knowledgable about eveything from drugs to how to make the best damn pottery around....Its nice physical work that gets me up and going nice and early (I rarely do that) outside in the fresh air...and best part is, whenever my main hookups go dry, I just tell myself "no worries nubs, someone's bound to smoke you out at the market".....I suggest you come and check it out whenever you're around this part of the world...let me know and ill be sure that the "ice cream man" greats ya!

    EDIT: Actually, for all you guys in Tennessee, our organization just finished helping a group in Chattanooga who wanted to set a market like ours up...you may have heard of it...i think its an indoors one
  6. i sell enuff of my pot to buy more and smoke the remaining
  7. I'm a Blacksmith in Scotland.....comes in pretty handy for making the brackets for my MH lights and security so as the cops can't get through the door for at least 30 minutes.....they can use they're barge rod....it would work on the wooden door but not the steel one on the inside.....hope they've not got semtex, coz that would just blow me away!!! lol....Peace out....Sid
  8. lol,

    i am a webmaster/network administrator/software troubleshooter/hardware troubleshooter/etc etc etc

    its a small company and I basically handle any technical aspects, its a cool job but i gotta go to college in the fall so i have no idea how im gonna pay for my sweet pot!
  9. I had a brilliant invention. I invented a time machine called a bed. It's brilliant, when I close my eyes, I am transported into the future. Unfortunetly I haven't been able to perfect it. I can only travel 9-10 hours into the future so far. Alcohol causes side effects though, causing a longer amount of sleep. But it makes the time machine spin, which causes me to get sick. Yup, I'm brilliant.

    I'm currently unemlpoyed, a reason why I have time to post online.
  10. I go to college and well get this the GOVORNMENT pays for my weed :) isnt that awesome? Yeah I get disability checks to pay for my weed!

    HEHEHE life is good

  11. did you get grants or what? i need to take gov't money too
  12. i get social security n ssi n sometimes grants for school they seem to give me more then i need hehe
  13. Repack line supervisor at the worlds largest independent processor of frozen peas.

    Give Peas a chance!
  14. I build and maintain computers for my job. Not full time (still go to school) but more often now that it's summer. :)
  15. i work at a garden center...we make flower beds and such...access to fertilizers and plant advice very very very easily...mostly manual labor tho...it gets me weed. so im happy :D
  16. Hmmm your asking a few too many questions if you ask me....

  17. i used to dive 4 abalone none more exhillerating / terrifying then being high in the deep blue, now i just steer the boat, rollup & grow me own
  18. I gamble. Living at AC has its good and bad. mostly bad. but man when i hit, I HIT! then I buy a big fat bag of shibby and Im good to go for a while.

    If the whole carribean stud poker thing isnt working for me, i try to pick up odds n end jobs from friends.

    PEAS had there chance.

  19. i'm skint usually. the folks help me out occasionally. income support from the social aint much.

    i wanna be healthy enough to put all my nrg into starting my own business. but right now i'm one of those artists who'll die in poverty and only ecome famous once their dead... which will be soon if i don't get some weed, which i can't see myself getting with no income, which i can't see myself getting if i aint got a job, which i can't see myself geting if im still unwell, which aint gonna get better if i cant get some weed, which i can't see myself getting with no income, which i can't see myself getting if i aint got a job, which i can't see myself geting if im still unwell, which aint gonna get better if i cant get some weed, which i can't see myself getting with no income, which i can't see myself getting if i aint got a job, which i can't see myself geting if im still unwell, which aint gonna get better if i cant get some weed, etc etc.

    u see the predicament i'm in!?
  20. maybe if you made it so your picture STOPPED BLINKING everythng would get better?

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