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How do you pass drug tests?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Sunsettoker, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Okay so I have a drug test coming up and I need every detail on how to pass the test it is In one week exactly I thought I wouldn't have one but apparently I have to at court, but anyway give me every possible detail you can on the method you use to pass drug tests and I mean every last detail! Ive never tried to pass a drug test before so I am a complete newb I mean I've hears drink lots of water take vitamin b and 4 aspirin a couple hours before the test but for example how many milligrams is the aspirin supposed to be and how much vitamin b (I have b12)?
  2. drink a lot of water and cranberry juice, run around a lake or something
  3. instead of trying to take all these vitamins and juice just go to your local head shop and buy some detox pills omni brand worked for me. follow the directions on the omni box and just drink alot of water leading up to the test. also right before the test drink a dark soda and take some multivitamins so your piss turns back yellow. also if you have creatine or protein powder with creatine in it then take that. hope this helped o and exercise is good if you are a heavier set person.
  4. You don't need those expensive detox pills to beat a dipstick drug test.

    Cranberry pills, tons of water, vitamin B complex pills for color.
  5. B12 pills will do nothing, you need B complex to color your urine.

    Take 4x the daily amount of instant release b complex pills 2-3 hours before your test, chew them up and swallow.

  6. what does creatine do ... just wondering
  7. Some tests will be able to see if you drank a lot of water by measuring your creatine levels, if the level is to low it will come back as a dilute, and you will have to re-test possibly as the discretion of the tester.

    Creatine will keep your levels up even with a diluted sample so that they can not tell.

    Personall though, my probation does not test for creatine levels, better safe than sorry i guess though.

  8. You could use the search function on the top right or the Sticky that says very obviously "Read Before Posting" so that you can answer your own question and not waste everyone's time.
  9. Quick Fix from the local Head Shop. $30 worth of fake pee does the trick every time!;)
  10. I don't smoke when I shouldn't. Pass EVERY TIME.

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