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How do you pack your bowl?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by herbtoker, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Over the years and having moved to several places in the united states, i have noticed that there are a large variety of ways to pack a bowl. which method do you prefer, and which method do you think would 1 be best tasting and 2 give you the best high for the amount of herb you smoke?

    method one, breaking off a large chunk of bud and jamming it in the bowl. (Not til i moved to california did i ever see anyone do this except one time i do remember a bunch of us doing it really drunk)

    method two, cutting small pieces of bud with scissors. (I never really got this one)

    method three, breaking bud into several small nugs and putting them in the bowl

    method four, breaking up by hand to as little as possible then putting in bowl (this is what i grew up doing and this is what everyone did where i grew up, any other method was absurd)

    method five, grinder (currently i only use my grinder when i vaporize)

    your thoughts??:smoke:
  2. I would think the most effecient way is smoking grinded herb. Smoking a nug seems like a waste because itd be sitting there burning the whole time. If no grinder i just break it up with my fingers
  3. I have a grinder but there is something to just breaking out weed with your hands. All my friends know that I love to just touch weed and break it up that they usualy ask me to pack it up. Never tried the whole nug thing though I might today.
  4. i use scissors and a shot glass recently just because of how sticky the nug has been. its really a pain to break up by hand when its that sticky. grinder is prob my fave but it does kinda burn a little to fast. i would have to say i do all three regularly
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    generally everyone around here just throws the nug in the bowl and smokes.
    maybe it is a west coast thing haha. i am out here in OR and WA.
    i like to break my bud up though, but i am poor and like the get as much smoke as i can out of my weed. :p
    I don't break it up too much though. Just into a few smaller pieces.
  6. I used to pack my bong loads by breaking the buds up into small pieces with my fingers, but bud seems to taste too smooth and smoky when packing this way. Now, I'll break up a pretty large nug (.2-.3) for a single hitter out of my bong, but I'll break the nug into 2, maybe 3 large pieces. I will then proceed to attempt to snap this bowl in a single hit (which I usually can't) but for some reason, this way of packing the whole achieves the yummiest tasting, kiefy, rip.:smoke:
  7. i usually break up the buddz into a few large chunks with my fingers and pack them in then break some bud into smaller peices and pack them on top so that its easier to to keep a party bowl
  8. Alright, so in San Diego we usually use method 1 or 3 which happen to be best for me. Method one gets you super high, but sometimes is a waste of bud if you arent careful. Method three is good because you might have a chance to get greens more than once.
  9. grinder
    if it's regs, pack it super tight, and just corner it until there's all ash on top, then get that top layer of ash out, keep hittin it and doing the same thing

    if it's chronic i'd be more careful packing it, not too tight
  10. I always use a grinder. Have noticed though that if I grind too much and leave it in there for a while the smell is really pungent and the smoke isn't as strong. Taken to leaving my grinder in a mason jar in those cases, don't know if it helps though.
  11. I dont like breaking it up by hand because it pushes it together to break it apart rather then pulling it apart with a grinder.
  12. One hitters. Grinder with pushes, nugs in ice pinches.
  13. toking stag, i just break it up a little. but if i'm packing for a group i really pick that shit apart. the more broken down it is, the easier it is to corner. if its good bud, i'm somewhat against using a grinder, that's just me. i like to pick it apart and look at it.......kinda enjoy it. but if its just mids or whatever, grind that shit up brother.
  14. I'll break off a piece of the nug I want to smoke at the time (so I don't grind up too much) and put it in my grinder, nice even consistency.
  15. I like to put a little base nug to cover the hole, then put some grinded up bud on top of that and then a lil kif on top of that and fire it up :hello:
  16. I'll use a grinder if it's available, but I don't actually own one myself. Shot glass and scissors does the job well enough.
  17. thats how it was for me when i had friends! i love touching buds :)

    that is also what i have been resorting to as of late. ( i feel like im losin trichromes touchin it so much)

    I have come to decide that it definitely is a west coast thing haha. I told some buddies about it back in the midwest and they had a good laugh on it
  18. For years of toking I have always, always used a grinder unless one was not available.

    And in that case, we just tore nugs or shwag or whatever apart into tiny pieces with our fingers.

    Smoking by just jamming nugs in a bowl is hilarious, we only used to do it when we were too stoned to break up more weed hahaha.

  19. If I smoke by myself then it's the grinder 100% of the time. Corner the bowl and you always get massive green hits. If I don't feel like smoking too much I take small pinches and just make snap bowls.

    If I smoke with friends I will break off mid sized nugs, or a single large nug, and pack it in there. The larger nugs keep a cherry longer and I don't have to worry about one of my friends torching the whole bowl of ground goodness and wasting obscene amounts of THC.
  20. Kif on top is sexy no matter how you pack your bowl.

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