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How Do You Pack Your Bowl!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PineappleKush, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Do you Grind Lightly, then pack

    Do you toss a giant nug in the bowl as is

    or do you pull a bud apart and pack it?
  2. pretty standard procedure.. grab a bud, grind it up in my grinder, grab enough for a bowl, stick that shit in, pack it down with the lighter, then blast off.
  3. Same, except I break it down with my hands.
  4. Haha exactly the same as my method.:smoking:
  5. Yeah i use my grinder also
  6. yeah i grind slightly cuz too much shake is annoying. then i pack it medium, not too hard but not too loose
  7. I just put it in the hole.
  8. break it up real fine like with my hands on a table and put it in a bowl.
  9. grind slightly, really ground up bud makes hits pretty harsh at least for me, i like really tiny nuggets on the bottom then a little bit finer on the top makes for a perfect bowl or snap :)
  10. I just break it down with my hands because the buds get real small but not shake small that way it burns nicely and packs real good, but I use my hand to pack it so I know it's tight as hell. :cool:
  11. It depends for me, really. I used to have a grinder but it got stolen and I haven't went and bought another. I usually break it down in my hands...not too much though. :D
  12. #12 leafygreens, Aug 28, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 28, 2008
    i happen to like grinding my buds as fine as i can so it burns faster cuz i like killin bowls in a hit:smoking:
  13. I usuallly don't break it up at all. Just toss a fat nug or two in there and light up.
  14. Under ideal conditions, I'll grind up my bud a lil', pack it, then sprinkle some kief(if i have any in my catcher) on top of the bowl to add the finishing touch.
  15. i remember i made a thread just like this one when i had about 13 posts.

    ...i break it up, but not too fine.
  16. Nugs ....... mmmm. nugs are the best smoked mildly unprepared in my opinion. but its fun as hell "preparing" =P
  17. I tear off small nugs, just enough for 1 hit. Then pack another.

  18. There's a reason why your supposed to break it up...
  19. although i have a pretty nice grinder, i usually end up breaking it up by hand (just cuz I don't have my grinder with me or something). i use a base nug for the bowl and i break as small pieces as i can if im trying to pack a real nice bowl, if i want to pack it faster, i just break em down small enough so they burn good enough after packing
  20. Grind. Pack a snapper. Repeat.

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