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how do you not cough (get used to the smoke)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by sweethatred, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. so i havent really seen threads about this but, how do u take a big hit from a bong or a pipe and not cough in other words just get used to the smoke?
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    keep smoking and smoking and smoking and smoking, tolrance will build in time, along with the ability to not cough as often, but realy i can not go one session without coughing one good bit anyway, and i have been smokin this stuff for almost 10 years now, and truefuly every person is diffrent, and every situation is diffrent, so sometimes you might get something smooth, sometimes you will get some stuff that will make you ralph all over the place, way to many factors, and always have a cold drink, helps to sooth the throat.:smoke:
  3. what he said Smoke more youll get use to it.
  4. I used to smoke a lot of hookay, it built my tolerance before i smoked weed. Theres not much you can do except smoke more and get used to inhaling something other than air.
  5. To help get over the coughing, smoke lots of joints. They always seem to be the harshest on me.

    If you dont want to cough though, smoke a bong. Much Smoother :)

    Long story short, you will probably always cough.
  6. I found that inhaling air quickly after clearing the bong helps quite a bit.

    And to make it easier on you, always try to exhale before you cough. If you don't, you get fucked over.
  7. I wish I could cough, even when I take monster rips I cant anymore... And I'm positive you get higher when you cough ( if your not forcing it ). A lot of the times when I would smoke, if I coughed my rents would hear me for sure, well probably not but it sure felt like that. So I just forced myself, like some times after a hit I could feel my throat like dry heeve or something like that its hard to explain, and I would spit like really watery spit right after the hit... Now none of that happens I just don't cough anymore lol.

    For sure just smoking more will get rid of it though. Or cigs would help too probably, but nobody WANTS to smoke those

  8. A common misunderstanding. Coughing doesn't get you higher, it causes a blood rush to the head making you get light headed so it seams like you get higher faster.

    And if you want THAT just force yourself to cough. :confused_2:
  9. Every thing what this man said is what I would say :bongin:

  10. hahah that's honestly the worst, forgetting to exhale before coughing
  11. Regardless of the science behind it, i always feel the high way more when I cough. And I've tried forcing myself and it hasn't done shit. Oh and people cough all the time, don't act like its weird to cough to get higher.

  12. I'm not acting like it's weird to cough to get higher, because you don't get higher.

    I cough every time because I'm a lightweight haha. So it's not weird to cough at all.
  13. I assure you, coughing does make you get higher....
  14. smoke a lot. I smoked for about 10 months then i started smoking more often and now i can take massive hits and never cough. the more you smoke, the more you can smoke later.
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    Anybody else wanna back me up on this? It's a fact it doesn't get you higher, dude. What your feeling is a mix of a placebo effect and the rush to the head as a result of lack of oxygen that coughing does. I've heard it somewhere said "If you are coughing, your doing it wrong". I don't mean to start fights or anything, but it's the truth.

    EDIT: :sigh: Only if DaleGribble were here to spread some wisdom.
  16. Your throte will build calluses over time. Take one massive rip every session and just cough up a lung, you will eventually be able to pack a full bowl and not cough.

    Other tips:
    - swallow right when your about to cough and keep your throte closed
    - drink cool water
    - get some fresh air when you cough
    - hork and spit
    - give it time. You will be a seasoned toker soon
  17. it can be very harsh but i found that taking a harder hit and letting ur chest expand and slowly exhale if you coughing look up and smile
  18. I could see how coughing would get you higher. As you are coughing, your lungs are trying to collect as much "oxygen" as they can (even if it is smoke), mixed with the blood rush to the head.

    And about taking hits without coughing, I'd say time.
    Also, you will find your balance of air to smoke ratio with time.
    PIPES - Typically, I will spark the bowl, and feather the carb to my liking.
    BONGS - I wait til I see the smoke starting to really build, pull the slider out, and intake the smoke, WHILE grabbing extra oxygen if I feel that the smoke is going to be too much for me. If after that rip, I still have room in my lungs for more, I press the slider back down and feather it til I'm set, for that hit. ;)
    I hope that made sense? lol
  19. Alot more smoking for you to do that means.
  20. Keeping a bottle of water handy is always helpful. Usually helps my coughing calm down. And when you're holding your smoke in, just squeeze your fists or something to take a little bit of the pressure away.

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