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How do you meet "herb" friendly men?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Glimmer40, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. OK since you guys are super gotta give a newly single gal some tips on meeting some "herb friendly" men! I'm recently divorced (last month) so I'm new to the dating scene & how do you go about saying........I enjoy the herb? I mean the last thing I need is another fucked up hypocritical man who won't accept me for me!! I am who I am .......I'm open & a cool hippie chick & I've been enjoying herb since high school! HEE HEE! Thanks people!
  2. Lisa, you must be joking! There are probably more herb-smoking men than not so I'm sure you'll have no problems. You're good to rid yourself of a man that didn't take you for everything that you were. Damn, I wish I could find me a potsmoking girlfriend, haha. Then again, at 20 years old I'm sure I'm a bit young for you (judging from the 'newly divorced' comment). :)

    But I'm not sure what to tell you about the dating scene. I'm positive that you couldn't be any worse than I am. Just become close with the people you buy your weed from and get in tight with some of their friends. You'll be meeting new people all the time and soon you'll meet the pothead of your dreams. :)

    Anyway, peace and love gal-pal. I hope you find true love soon!
  3. You got to go hang out where they are. They will find you then not the other way around.

  4. let me quote myself here after a bit of thought.....

    Your handle says you are glimmer 40, so I would assume you are my age. (that would be you just had your 29th birthday for the tenth time). So you would be looking for a single version of me. Now where would I hang out if I was single?????

    In my home town that would be the funky block with the groovy pizza place and mexican restaurant/bar. Also I would hang out at the groovy black velvet martini bar that played an eclectic sound, I would also hang out in the Jimmy Buffet type bar.

    So to summarize my thoughts I would recommend going out to pubs/bars that cater to a young to middle aged crowd, no suits and ties type crowd and definately not a country western scene. Any place where a middle aged guy can hang out without kids and uptight stuffy people who talk about work or sales and where you can wear a hawaaiian shirt are a plus.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
  5. OK Yes I'm 40! Turned the big 4-0 last month. But here's the thing...I used to live in Seattle (20yrs) & those kinda places are a dime a dozen. I now live in a small rural........coastal community (heaven on earth!) & all the cool places to go far away! LOL! So it looks as if I'm gonna meet "Mr Cool" online! Hee hee! Thanks for the great suggestions! Keep em coming!
  6. glimmer40... you ask the question whilst sitting in the answer.

    ...! ;D

    yeah... like this place. i got first hand experience.
    i met my absolutely perfect umachawowoahmah dream gril here at teh city, and she says the same thing too.

    hurrah for teh internet!

    the one place where the 200million stoners world wide can gather round and quite openly shout .. I SMOKE POT AND ITS OK!


    and besides.. the internet i think is now the number 2 place for meating people (i think "work" still is the number one slot).. i may be totally wrong about that tho. random figures to make a point. lol
  7. My dad uses the internet to find chicks. That or whatever that popular site is. So far he has found some really great women, and the one he is interested in now smoked pot, but would do it again, so arrangements are being made ;)
  8. I wouldn't think it would be that hard to find herb friendly men. It's harder to find women into it. You have to find some kind of bar or club that's not too far away and hang around for a little while. Plus, if you find a guy that enjoys drinking every once in a while, they may already have tried ganja or smoke it regularly or would be willing to try it, especially with a little persuasion.
  9. Come on over to TENN.. This is where I am.. You'll fall in love and stay forever!!!!!! LOL
  10. im a herb friendly men

  11. Ummm...I believe nearly all the men here are.
  12. isn't internet love kind of shady though.......
  13. Well i was lucky enough to find a super cool stoner chick who can kick my ass.. but id say the best way to meet people is just be blunt you never know if there thinking the same thing as you.. hell i didnt even know my girlfriend before and the first words i said to her were "hey wanna make out or something?" and next thing you know your smoking a J with her and with her later.. im sure you can try using this method to get a man.. But if your a hippie chick try going to as many shows as you can.. go see tom petty or the rolling stones or something and mingle with those people
  14. Really, being brutally blunt would be your best bet. "Hey.. you smoke?"
    My mom had to hitchike home one time. She was like 45. Some 25 year old guy picked her up and gave her a ride all the way to her house. He asked her, "do you smoke?" and produced a big joint from the ashtray. And, well, yeah my mom smokes so it was cool. A lot of people you wouldn't think smoke actually do smoke.
  15. i can spot a male smoker at a thousand paces. little harder with women though, but 500 paces oughta' do it :)
  16. I met my boyfriend online...he never really smoked before, but I converted him :D

  17. Correctamundo Zia...what do you like to do? Ski, snowboard, go to concerts, the herb friendly guys are all there. Most of the guys I know around 40 are all herb friendly anyway. So find someone with some other common interests & bring up the subject. Chances are he'll be psyched! I think its tougher the other way around...there seem to be many more guys that like to get high, esp around 40ish, than chicks...

    Good Luck & Good Luvin!
  18. Is there a chat on here? Or do you just post these notes? Can people email you from here? You can tell I'm new at this! Hee hee! Thx for all the awesome suggestions! Keep em coming!

  19. you alluring little vampire you :D

    it's nice beeing a weed missionary isn't it?

  20. You can use PMs. It's easy to use and fast too!

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