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How do you measure your high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tastycolor, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Pretty much every time I get high I listen to a song called Fontainbleau by Omorphos (its nothing special or extra trippy) and it is basically a way for me to gauge how high I am because I can compare how the song sounded when I was high other times to what it sounds like when I am high now. What do you use to "measure"" how high you are? It doesn't have to be something like a song it can be anything from how it feels when you walk to how things look. Peace:smoke:
  2. not high < high < real high
  3. Sober-buzzed-high-really high-dude where's my car- Aw shit give me a bucket

  4. lol, but what do u use to tell if your high vs real high
  5. If your able to judge how high you are, then your not high enough. I go till the only thing I think of is "Dude, what?"

  6. So what you use to judge how high you are is whether or not you are thinking: Dude, what?:)
  7. By how much my mind races.
  8. partial buzz, my tolerance is so high i dont even get high like I used to,
    there would be levels where I would be super duper high, fucking blitzed as shit lol

  9. one more post and you will b at 420:smoke:
  10. I measure my highs by the redness of my eyes.
  11. I measure my high usually by intensity of the music, how much different my perception is (from being sober), the droopiness of my eyes and if I'm laughing for no reason.
  12. sober, alright, somewhat high, high, then the Perfect state :smoke:

  13. thats what i used to do
    not red=not high
    a little red=buzzed
    eyes r so red i cant see my pupils=really high
    cant even get to mirror=stoned as fuck
  14. #14 hoboleader, Jan 30, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, 2011
    i just rate the bud i have in a few diff categories

    smell 1-10
    taste 1-10
    High 1-10

    and after smoking weed thats a 6/10 high, compared to a 9/10. I can measure how high I am. Just recall how high you were with a different strain. this way i can also measure how good the bud is going to be based off hits smell or taste.
  15. I used to look at my eyes aswell to see if i was "super stoned" but i realized that it barely has nything to do with how high you are.

    I just smoke until im gone lol.
  16. Forgot a detail, glossy eye. :D
  17. I usually can tell based on how much my mind races. The more things that pop in and out of my mind in a certain time will tell me how stoned i am. But it also depends. Sometimes if stuff feels really nice...or if music sounds different i can guage it that way.
  18. by how long i zone out on specific objects for. like ill just be staring at a tree out the window for 45 seconds thinking about so many things and it will feel like its been 5 minutes.
  19. I normally go by how good I feel.
    I rarely get baked off my ass, just try to keep a buzz. Cause I work as a mechanic, so I cant be completely out of it.

  20. yea but if you ever buy two 10/10s you r going to hav trouble deciding which is better lol

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