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How do you manage your smoking and living expenses?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MarijuanaFlux, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Do you have any great ideas to help you stay high and save on the money? I work a minimum wage job at the moment, it's just how I'm living right now. I go through an eighth in about a week, and then it's waiting till I get paid to buy more because I don't wanna come out of my pocket. What do you personally do to make sure you're able to toke up and still have money at the end of the month for food, rent, etc.?
  2. Can't do much on minimum wage. I work at Mcdys and alot of people have apartments so it can be possible. The only way I have a appt is going half with my gf. Where do you work?

  3. Nice avy dude! Mine is from the MOTM cd art, it's just blue instead of the red purple hues :). I work at Captain D's.
  4. Im high on life all the time
  5. I usually rob homes and steal people's surfboards.
  6. This guy I knew would just jack people so he'd have a steady connection of free dank.
  7. If you're desperate start middlemanning and charge a finder's fee? Most people would rather give you a bowl or two than cash. Idk I've seen a lot of people do it that way
  8. i smoke all day and save my money because i also grow money plants
  9. I grow and live frugally!
  10. Spend $500 on a grow setup, harvest a couple thousand. Gotta spend money to make money, ya know?
  11. i know somebody who i can get really good bud from for a cheap price, and then i sell it to my friends. basically never have to spend money on weed and i smoke at least 10 grams a week, smartest thing i've ever done with my money
  12. I spend about,an 1/9th of my monthly income on weed, aka I buy about an ounce a month
  13. This is the more hands on approach to what I described. Dunno how smart you can consider it though because any time you involve other people your risk of getting busted goes up. Getting a better plug always works too
  14. Just take it as any other expense. Set a limit that you can afford to spend and always buy the same size sack. Budgeting and organization are key in cheap living now a days.
  15. Start going out late at night and raiding peoples recycling bins for bottles and cans to either get the deposit or refund.

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