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how do you make weed a bit smoother on your lungs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by noob smoker, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Don't hoot so hard. Maybe add some tobacco, lighten it up. Get a bong and add ice, use a vaporizer, make some weed butter and make brownies - that would be the best for your lungs

  2. Vape or eat.:smoking:
  3. Hammers and Sherlocks on the go.
  4. I do this too :rolleyes:
  5. Smoke more, get those virgin lungs going, then you won't have problems. Good luck ;) lol. Dude fantastic idea, get some menthol cigarettes, add a little to your weed, so then you will have a minty coolness when you smoke. Easy on your throat
  6. Yuck I can't stand tobacco in my weed the only thing ill add and very rarely is peppermint tea
    And it's super smooth and taste soooo good
  7. A bong or bubbler with cold water. smoke will be harsh at first but it becomes MUCH smoother with time, much easier on the lungs then tobacco imo, can suck in and hold hits much easier.
  8. If you dont cough you dont get off! Smash it!
  9. I agree. I find I get super high when I start coughing. Let it rip!
  10. I second that!
  11. From my experiences using warm distilled water out of a water pipe would smooth it out. Cold water condenses the smoke thus making it harsher when you pull the stem and clear it. As you smoke more it becomes less harsh. Sometimes it's just the weed strain that's harsh because they didn't flush out chemicals during the growing or it wasn't properly cured. Vaporizing well make you cough viciously but my throat had never hurt from one. Personally I like the combustion high but I do enjoy both at the same time.
  12. I use cough drops when i dont feel like choking and coughing lol... It kinda numbs the throat for a bit
  13. Hot water in the chamber + ice hits = smoother than air
  14. Watch a couple episodes of McGyver. You'll have it down in no time
  15. I found inhaling somewhat slower helped, also like said before pull the smoke in your mouth and inhale after you get a decent sized hit. That will only really work on small pipes, joints, and blunts as far as I have experienced.
  16. everyone coughs dude.. its just part of the game. However, remembering back to when i had smoked as few times as you have, its rough. The coughing will get better as you smoke more. Till then, water filtered smoke through bongs or bubblers helps. Also i find a good joint to be the smoothest way to smoke, especially if you draw through your lips and then slowly take it into your lungs afterwards.

    Happy smoking :smoke:
  17. Get high from second hand smoke in a Jamaican hot box.
  18. smoke naked on a moonlit night, with nothing but the smoke to keep you toasty
  19. Take a super.
  20. [quote name='"Diethylamide"']I used to cough all the damn time. Always have a beverage to sip on between hits until you can smoke trees all day. I like sobes green tea, its like instant satisfaction for cottonmouth.[/quote]

    This is a fucking good idea, imma grab one of those mubberfubbers for i get off work. Just sittin here chillin, waitin to go home get high

    Back on topic, ice cold bong/bubbler. Also cough drops seem to work well, even for when you arent sick. I've also been in the habbit of finishing my hit off by opening my mouth a little at th end of the rip and sucking in just a little air on top of the smoke. All helps.

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