How do you make rocky?

Discussion in 'General' started by Peo, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. I've heard loads of different stories about how to make it, but I dont really know whats going on. A mate of mine reckons that you have to add coffee and turps and all this other stuff, so if anyone has a decent guide on EXACTLY what you have to do, please post it here.

  2. U SICKO! why the hell would you want to know how to make filth like that!??!? certainly not for your own consumption anyway... if you're making rocky, you'd keep the quality stuff for yerself and make the rocky for profit.

    i'm sure thats not in keeping with the spirit of teh city.

    you do actually know what CAN be in rocky dont you??!??
    among other things there could be,

    boot pollish, coffee, pine matter and/or pine resin, henna, turpentine (DANGEROUS CARCINOGEN), tolulene (DANGEROUS CARCINOGEN), benzene (DANGEROUS CARCINOGEN), vinyl (DANGEROUS CARCINOGEN), motor oil (DANGEROUS CARCINOGEN), Glues (DANGEROUS CARCINOGENS), Dyes (DANGEROUS CARCINOGENS), bees wax, Asprin, Ketamine, fertilizer... ie Animal shit.

    dont smoke that shit, dont buy that shit, dont sell that shit, dont MAKE that shit.

    let's try to clean up cannabis in the world and leave it as the benign harmless substance it is... why make it less effective and more dangerous... its just greedy and evil.
  3. shit digit..

    i wish someone would put ketamine in MY hash :)
  4. well phil, if u want to take horse tranqs instead of weed, you go right ahead... that's your choice.

    me i'd prefer to have some more of the herbs effects rather than decieve myself that i'm high when i'm actually numb and swimmin.
  5. K is really good! it is like being 10X drunker then u ever had been without the shity bad side affects.
  6. totally screws your central nervous system i hear though... not to mention other side effects that i ... uh... cant remember.

    what side effects does cannabis have!? (other than stml) nothing major anyways. and it brings enlightenment with all the other lovlyness the herb brings.

    not sure how much sence i'm making right now.. mind on other things... TV, the war, my website etc...
  7. drugs are baaad.. mkay?
  8. Special K all the way babay...

    I don't mind experimenting with different drugs, but what i think digit is trying to say is that its NOT cool being under the influence of one drug when you were under the impression that it was another...cuz that always leads to baaaad shit
  9. Ok i'm lost wtf is "rocky"? Doesn't sound good whatever it is. Have I possibly heard of it by another name, or am I just an out of touch geezer?

  10. yeah.

    knowledge is power and all that. spiking aint really a good thing.

    and doing shit like this just gives cannabis a bad name because when u smokin some low grade hash it will have less cannabis in it than most of the other stuff... ... worse side effects adn then people go blaiming cannabis for it when it had fuck all to do with cannabis and all to do with some greedy fucker who thought it was a good idea to sell someone an OXO cube...

    rocky is comonly used as a term refering to solid. hash. hashish. and the non squidgey kind.
  11. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I see. Probably like the bunk shit some guy came around with a few years ago, which after one hit made me feel like someone hit me in the chest with a sledge hammer and tasted vaguely like deisel fuel, and gave me an instant headache. F**k a buncha that.
  12. That'll most likely be dog, there are different strains of rocky, dog being the worst. Madman being the best, an average rocky (hash) is for some reason called 8. The reason that it tastes like diesel is because its smuggled in in oil drums.

    I only wanna know how to make it so I can make proffit, I wanna keep the amount of additives to a minimum...
  13. why dont you just sell decent hash
  14. Thats what I wanna do! But I dont know how you make it.....

  15. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    never heard of dog, never heard of madman, never heard of 8.... where u from peo?


    "The reason that it tastes like diesel is because its smuggled in in oil drums."

    wrong. it may well be smuggled in such a way... but that's not why alot of hash tastes od deisel. alot of it will taste like this because the greedy profit hungry cold hearted fucker who made it made it with so many shite addatives that it didn't burn properly so to fix this his next batch contained tolulene, benzene, deisel, petrol, turpentine or some other cheap flamable carbohydron based stuff.

    peo... it really is a streatch of my imagination that u want to be one of these greedy fuckers.

    if you do go about making this stuff... try to get a name for yourself as someone who created on of the great hashes of the world. ie none of the filth i've mentioned here. make it from a good crop of some top quality bud... and dont go calling it rocky... that name has long since been used and abused.

    go find out how to make bubble hash or honey oil instead. if your market know their stuff they will be willing to pay through the roof to experience that stuff. and you can still sell the bud after if you still want to be a greedy fucker.

  16. I dont know what bubble hash is, but as I've tried to explain, I wanna make decent rocky (rocky with no addatives) stuff for people on a budget who dont wanna be smoking things out of an industrial chemical spill.

    I'm from merseyside, I never really knew about hash names either, but it turns out, they've got different names depending on whats in the weed. Say its made from the leftovers from white widdow plants and nothing else then it'll have a different name from something thats made from an average plant with coffee, turps, and beeswax thrown in.

    Unfortunatley, nobody seems to know which one is which. The only place I know where you can get madman from is in halifax. I've not had any myself but a mate of mine met someone on the net who lived there and went down and had a smoke. Its meant to get you fucked for rocky though, so I wanna start making it.


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