how do you make hash? please help

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  1. my friend told me to save all my leaves to make hash, but she wasn't sure how it was done. i was wondering if anyone out there could tell me how i can make hash, and how much do i need, and about how much does it yield?

    ps thanks in advance for any help?
  2. i can tell u how they make it in thailand and burma (and prob all over the world).

    grab a mature plant and rub it up and down a screen til the screen is black with tar. roll that stuff off the screen into a ball and grab another plant and repeat.

    heehee did this for a weekend once and had never been so high and happy in all my life...

    cant help ya with just leaves tho...i think there are ways to boil it or something...but that aint tar of resin is hash...pure black gold...thai tea...burma black...the GOOD STUFF!!!!!!
  3. good question, bluntmaster. i was actually going to post the same question. for those in the know, can you rub the stems on the screen as well? i certainly do not want to waste any of my plants. i want to get the most from my girls, but i also want my yield to keep. has anyone tried bubblebags? i'm wondering if these are necessary or just an accessory. any help would be greatly appreciated!

    btw: any georgians out there?!

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  4. Yes Please i would like to know too
  5. what u are really doing is trying to collect the tar resin of the plant. so anything that produces that tar would be fine...i guess leaves and stems would have some. but u would need a whole lot of stems to get some hash.

    if u wanna hear more about my 'harvest time'. my hands were also covered with black tar...took at least a week before i didnt smell like hash tar anymore. i could roll my palms together and get a black thin resin ball and smoke that if i wanted but frankly didnt need to smoke any for a few days. after the first 2 hours of smoking and handling large 6+ft tall plants...i didnt need to do much of anything but grab em and drag em on the screen.

    they had a 2 screen system. one above that is very hard and course that was about 3ft off the ground and one about 1 foot under to catch any of the extra drag. take the 'tree' and cut it up by stems of 3 ft. and drag it a few times on all sides then take ur palm and smash it into the screen on the side to catch some juicy tar-ish mix and after u have a few plants done...u gather all of the tar with a 'spatula' type of metal device and put it on a wax paper area. ud be suprised how much tar u can get off of a fresh 6ft plant. i dont know the size but ill bet we had a 1.5 lb blob by the eod. it was very soft and maliable. but as it got to the started to harden and by the next day it was fairly hard. they would then wrap it in a wax type paper and send it off to the broker. he came with a few guys...gave him about 28$ for this blob and would come back in a day or two for the next batch. this guy did about 100 or so 'blob's a year. the whole thing took 3 guys about 3 hours and im sure i slowed em down...i think they made about 2-3lbs without me a day. but man there is no way u could do this every day...u would be so baked all the time.

    i never saw all the fields but ill bet he had a few acres worth of plants. and i also gave him 100$ to let me do all of this and the guy gave me about 2 ounces of his very best stuff. i was traveling and didnt want too much on me and would never have crossed the border with it.

    fyi...opium is pretty much the exact same process. and im not a hard core kind of guy but a bit of fresh opium and some good fresh hash and u are one happy set person. and always, always smoked out of a water pipe.
  6. soak in aceatone for 24 hours first dry leaves powder them up and soak. put half leaf or stems.strain off liquid threw teashirt.pour in glass or ceramic plates.the oils in the liquid.let evaporate no need to cook off or heat.cleaner then using grain achol and meaner.achol soak done same way except soaked 2 or 3days.both kinds should be shaken up whie soaking once and a while before being poured.put fan on to dry ouicker.all traces of alchol gone and or aceatone and no taste of these left.achol and aceatone are 2 diff. ways of doing this.i am just a nobody who got this from usally aceatone evaporates in 12 hours leaving the oil behind= wwweeedddooggiiieeee lol
  7. THIS is how u make hash give it ago

    The blender method uses water, ice and agitation to dislodge the
    trichomes. Ice-water makes the trichomes brittle, causing the resin
    glands to solidify and become easy to snap off. The glands are heavier
    than water so they sink to the bottom when separated, while the plant
    material floats.

    To make hash this way you'll need a blender, ice cubes, a reusable metal
    coffee filter or silk screening, a large glass jar and paper coffee filters.

    Fill the blender about half-way with skuff, then cover with cold water
    and add a tray of ice cubes. Blend for 45 seconds to a minute ? the
    mixture will become green and frothy, like a smoothie. Pour this mix
    through the metal coffee filter into your glass jar. Run more water
    through the filter to make sure you haven't missed any trichomes.

    Once your jar is full, put it in the fridge to settle for a minimum of
    30 minutes. You 0should be able to see a white or blonde coloured
    substance settling on the bottom of your container ? those are the
    trichomes. Carefully, so you do not disturb the trichomes, pour off or
    siphon off about two-thirds of the green water.

    If you have more skuff to process, do it now and filter into the
    container you just drained. Return to the fridge, allow to settle and
    siphon again. When you have processed all your skuff, add a few ice
    cubes to the container and let settle one last time.

    If you want to increase the purity of your product you can carefully put
    this settled mixture back into the blender for a final mix and
    separation. This may or may not be necessary depending on your preference.

    Pour the final mix of water and trichomes through a paper coffee filter.
    The water will pass through the paper but the glands will not. Drain
    well and allow to dry. You now have dried resin glands ready to be
    pressed into hash.
  8. Do a search for Hashmouf's QWISO hash. Super quick and easy.
  9. dont know if any one said this or not yet but look up HOW TO MAKE HASH on youtube and there is a great video, on it there, i think u gotta have alot of weed to do it tho, i know it goes threw a curing process also!!!
  10. lo shotty... way to dig up a 7 year old thread when there are already stickies and many threads dedicated to this topic in the Harvesting and Processing section. Anyways, I think your 30 minute minimum is far too low for the trichs to settle. I'd recommend 6 hours or more... unless you're recycling your water to catch more trichs... otherwise you're throwing away a lot of good hash.
  11. Right here whoop whoop or something. lol

    North Atlanta
  12. Look it up on you tube. either making hash oil or making hash.
  13. yo smoove dont be a little bitch all ya life im new to this forum shit and i was just seeing how it works so i thought i would use an old thread to see how it works and if u look it says a minimum of 30 mins never mind tho every thinks cool in the weed world peace

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