How do you make friends?

Discussion in 'General' started by lostinnowhere, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Im in desperate need of friends..OKay Im not a loser or anything, just everyones leaving me or Im leaving them, heres how it goes..
    I got caught smoking by my parents (i still live with them). So Im not allowed to smoke anymore cause ill get tested sooner or later I guess. Plus They know the group of kids I smoked with and wont let me hang with them anymore (majority of my friends). Plus these kids dont even want to hang with me cause THE ARE STUPID AND CAN ONLY HANG WITH PEOPLE WHO SMOKE TOO i guess. This makes me mad! I still have my boyfriend..but hes a boy and everyone needs someone to talk to and hang with that is their own gender..
    So basically I need a shit ton of fresh friends my parents know nothing about. How do people go about doing this? I feel like Im socially challenged :p
  2. u in college yet? start over in college...make new friends

    either way your (hopefully) 18 now...i dont give a shit what my parents say about smoking, i know the facts and i know when im doing/when to cut down/ when to choose not to get high ect. i dont smoke in the house either. even though i live with them its just one of those things that im going to do cause its something i belive in doin....idk stand up to them
  3. uhh, i got an xbox360 and started talking to all the gamers. cost liek upwards of 400 bucks but it was worth it. i gotta tight group and you cant put a price on beign accepted.
  4. I've been doing this on xbox, then WoW, now xbox 360. Just having an online social life gets old after a while.
  5. welcome to grass city.

    hi im Shay, Jamies watchin tv n rollin a hydro
  6. Come on, man, you're 18...they shouldn't be telling you who you should hang out with. Either way, the best way to make friends is to bullshit with people. Roll a fatty then go out there and be somebody! :smoking:
  7. Yea ive got an xbox360, no xbox live though

    Im a senior in highschool, and yea Im 18. But they dont care if i smoke as long as I dont live with them when i do. I dont smoke there, but they just found out about me doing it. I told em the facts but they are just mad cause its illegal. My dad was like " as soon as its legal, me and you can smoke a blunt together" haha weirrdd. But If i test postive for THC im fucked! idk what i'd do! so gottaquit, Im tryin to look up ways to clear THC out fast tho
  8. usually stand outside and hold up a sign

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