How do you make edibles using vaporizer leftovers?

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  1. I searched, found nothing, how do you make edibles from vaporizer leftovers?
  2. Weed Edibles

    There's plenty of recipes/methods to make edibles there dude lol
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  3. I grind mine up and make simple peanut butter/nutella firecrackers.
    You can also just mix it into peanut butter and let it sit.
  4. You do it the same way you would with normal edibles, you just don’t have to decarb and you wanna use a little more vaped weed than the recipe calls for.
  5. The BadKat recipe beats them all.

    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes.
    5 grams of Kief or Hash or Powdered Buds or Concentrate
    1 tablespoon Coconut oil
    1//2 teaspoon Lecithin
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes

    With Buds 1 drop = 1mg ABV will be lower
    Kief-Hash 1 drop = 3mg

  6. I like to grind my ABV to a fine powder with a coffee grinder, then add to the brownie mix.

    Don't under-estimate the power of ABV! While it's true it has much less THC than the same weight unit of fresh buds, it has a lot of "other stuff" (cannabinoids with high vape temps) that makes you relaxed and sleepy. Don't forget that herb loses much of its mass during the vaping process, so if you have 1g of ABV, it didn't start its life as 1g of herb; it took more like 3 or 4g of flower to make that 1g of ABV. Someone can double-check my math, but I feel like, if I use a quarter (7g) of ABV to make a pan of brownies, they've actually got the "sleepy stuff" from more like an oz of fresh flower?

    ABV edibles don't make me go "OMG! Dark Side of the Moon is the best album ever!!" but they definitely give me a great night's sleep (and a good poop the next day).
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  7. So, just mix up the vaporizer leavings with brownie mix and that's it? Or mix the ABV into peanut butter?
    Is that all there is to this?
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    I simply grind the ABV real fine and add this powder to the dry brownie mix. Then I add a little extra oil and/or water than the recipe calls for (not a lot but just a splash) to compensate for the extra dry ingredients. And bake as directed, you can tell they're done if you insert a toothpick and it comes out clean. The chocolate from the brownie mix does a nice job disguising the toasted cannabis flavor. If you grind up a big jar of ABV and keep it in the pantry, then you can get consistent-dose edibles from batch to batch.

    Some people do like to "decarb" their ABV, or a partial/modified decarb procedure. There may be some truth to that. I have heard the optimum decarb is 40 minutes at 240F, and that is certainly much longer and cooler than I run my vape. I have experimented both ways (decarb vs no decarb) but my results are inconclusive. Decarb is definitely not necessary with ABV but it might give some boost to potency or efficiency, I can't say for sure. Vaping and decarb are kind of opposite chemical processes: The goal of decarb is to activate the THC whereas the goal of vaping is to extract the THC.

    You are correct, that you don't necessarily need to cook the ABV into a recipe. You can just eat it with some fatty food (like peanut butter) and it will have an effect. For example sometimes when I'm feeling super lazy and want to zone out in front of the TV, I get a drive-through cheeseburger and sprinkle a gram of ABV into the melted cheese. It tastes pretty disgusting but it does seem to give me a little bit of a buzz. Reminds me a bit of the times in college, I tried scraping and smoking the resin out of my bong, that kind of "stupid" stoned sensation.

    Lastly but not leastly, there are ways to make various tinctures and capsules from ABV, so it is possible to get it into your digestive system without eating a dessert or edible, if you choose. For example if someone is sick and has low appetite or nausea, they need some relaxation but they aren't hungry for a brownie, an ABV tincture would be perfect for them.

    Oh and one final comment, is that the quality of your ABV edibles is directly proportional to your vaping habits. I like to take 1 or 2 hits at a medium temperature, and then set my golden straw-colored buds aside for later edible-making. So really I am just giving myself a quick dose of the surface THC, and there is still plenty of good stuff left over in my ABV, which is golden-brown like fried chicken. On the other hand if you like to take a dozen hits at 400+ degrees, and your ABV is chocolate brown in color, then your edibles will be proportionately weaker than mine.
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  9. Thanks. Seems simple. Once we get legal (Jan. 1st) I'll give it a try.
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    OIh shit someone is in a legal state from the 5 states that got it eh? Grats :D
    So ABV is that, already vaped bud.

    It is THC activated from the extreme heat you vaped it at (I do 420-460 F)
    Once it is brown to dark brown, I forget How much is in there (percent wise for THC and other binoids), but still fucking enough to get you somewhere!
    I know, I have eaten ABV as it was and 7 grams when I ate it had me flying. Though that was a year ago.

    Toss that shit into your fat of choice (Butter, Ghee, oil) I would prolly do about 2-4 ounces of ABV to about 2 cups? 4 cups?
    Play around. It is weaker then normal bud. Also, you should know (hopefully!) roughly what your bud was prior to vaping. And what you vaped at. And what you used to vape with. To many variables sure. But I had to learn it. lol
  11. I find the comparatively less THC "remaining" in the ABV to be slightly balanced by how much drier/easier accessible the remaining THC is. Kind of how like a piece of fresh tea wouldn't disperse all that readily into water, but prep and dry it and look at it flow.
    I mean yeah, less accesible THC total, but what's there is like more physically accessible.
  12. I like where mine is atm. They seem pretty damn good (Lume)
    MI brand. Has a satisfying crunch as you grind it. And you grind it in like two turns left to right each. Or something. its sweet.
    I got some after for the vape I use.

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  13. Thanks. I will try this as soon as possible. Kinda want to wait to talk about this till January but curiosity got the better of me.
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  14. In my opinion 420-460 isn't really "vaping" any more.

    The vaporization temp for THC is only 311F.
  15. right on, but I use a Arizer V Tower with ddave mods. And at those temps on this machine, at least for me, then again I haven't tried anything lower then 420 (After buying the ddave mod). I'll mess around with a fresh load and see. I have to agree though, minimum is at least like you say 311, but again this is variable as fuck.
  16. Thanks, I'm gonna try that if...

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