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How do you make bowls last longer?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by meridian6, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. I know cornering obviously, but what are some ways to make bowls last longer? I smoke out of a bong so I get great rips but when I smoke with other people I get like 1 or 2 really good rips and that's it. I put a screen in and that helps a little but any suggestions would be great! :smoking:
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    If you're smoking with people, then expect to use a lot of bud...

    I would also encourage one hitter bowls so that when you are loading the bowl, the hits will take effect that you took from previous hits
  3. Maybe pack a bowl for the person you're with first, let them finish the whole thing and then you pack another for yourself. Or you can just pack one hitters.
  4. I don't I burn them shits fast
  5. One hitters, everyone gets some green and a good sized toke.
  6. One hitters
  7. Smoke them in a gbong and you will get more high than any other smoking method so smoke less and save weed , maybe ask other people to match as well ?
  8. I pack them real tight so I get a lot in my bowl and it takes a while to smoke it all. Also I corner the bowls and thus get more out of it.
  9. Just smoke out of a bowl with your friends, keep your bong hidden when your friends are over, you'll get twice as many hits. Cornering and screens are about all you can do to conserve. Try covering the bowl w/ the metal part of your lighter when your done with a hit.

  10. this....

    its so obvious.....

    just pack one hitters for each person.

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