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How do you make Black Tar hash?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by volcano420, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    About a month ago I got a gram of Black Tar hash from the green door in sf for $40/g. Though it was expensive, it was the best hash I've ever had. I know that the club buys it much cheaper because I can get $250 ounces of bubble bag hash, so I'm not willing to spend $40/g again. So does anyone know what method they use to make it? Or does anyone know of a club in the bay area that sells decently priced ounces of it?

  2. I looove bubble hash.

    I smoked some recently. It was unreal.

    I usually just do hot knife hits with a 1 liter bottle with the bottom cut off.
  3. in afghanistan they heat up the plants in a big massive wok, mixed with a bit of tea, and bash the plants with a seesaw like contraption, the resin they collect and press while cooling, same thing
  4. The only method of hash making that would resemble "black tar hash" that i know of would be a "lava hash" or "bubble hash evaporation method" to make it look dark in color.... Lava hash or bubble hash can be made usuing the standard bubble or ice hash extraction method with bubble bags or some kind of silk screen... After the hash is seperated it is then slowly heated to evaporate the water off of the remaining trichomes in the water.... The heat is what causes the hash to look dark and actually degrades the potency of the hash a little over time.....

    traditional hash is made by beating large amounts of dried plant material untill the resin glands are collected in a drum like contraption.... Usually a silk screen material is used to serperate the trichomes from the plant material and then the keif is rolled into hash by hand while slowly being heated... which causes the darker hue then most bubble hash nowadays does.... check this video on youtube to see traditional method of making it...[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a72zGsRJBhs]YouTube - Señorita Bonita[/ame]

  5. You are probably talking about solvent produced concentrate. Most likely an ISO or Ethel alcohol - basicly buds, trim & leaf soaked in a solvent and then the solvent evaporated. Search for terms like BHO. I have forums at my site which gives detailed instruction and equipment needed. You need to register and post introduction to have the site open to you. Follow signature link.

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    this video is sick, i wanna try this, doesn't seem that hard... more links like this!

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