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How do you make a moon rock?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RespectMyAuthoritah, Jan 24, 2023.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I’ve purchased moon rocks a couple times from a local shop and really like them.

    Now,I don’t like to make my own moon rock, When I look it up, all definitions I see is that they are a bud, soaked in hash oil and covered with kief. I do have access to bud and kief, but not hash oil.

    (1) What is hash oil exactly? When I’ve looked that up, and how to make it, what I’ve seen is that it’s basically RSO, a marijuana tincture with all alcohol evaporated. But, I didn’t think you could actually smoke RSO, so that’s confusing. I do have my own FECO. I could use that, but again, I was under the impression you can’t smoke it. The ones I’ve purchased locally are buds covered in a black, sticky substance, which I’m assuming is hash oil.

    (2) Other than hash oil, I saw one piece of information that said a bud is covered in hash oil OR a concentrate, then rolled kief. If I have a concentrate like badder, diamonds, etc, can I use that?

    TIA for responses!
  2. IMG_20230123_234435.jpg

    It may work in a pinch if you can get them
    Careful smoking/vaping RSO made at home
    The solvent has to be purged in a vacuum oven
  3. Hash is Compressed Kief.
    Kief is the microscopic Trichomes the plant is covered with.
    Moon Rocks are Buds rolled in Kief.
    Grow a ton of weed
    Shake the Kief off.
    grow a ton more weed
    Roll the buds from the 2nd grow in the Kief shaken from the buds from the first grow.
    Make this
    A 5 gallon bucket of Buds
    10 pounds of Dry Ice
    A couple of handfuls of buds per shake.
    Shake 90 seconds
    Pure Trichomes.. About a Billion of them.. Ok only 900 million
    Jars of it.
    At this point with Jars of Kief you stop smoking buds at all and just smoke the Kief.
    I haven't smoked an actual bud in 10 years.
    Why smoke all that leafy crap?

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  4. i can only smoke them lol tbh there's a lot of recipes you can find out there
  5. What do you to smoke the kief? Pipe /dab ?
  6. Used a Flower Pot B2 ball vape
    Diffuser head not injector
    I use small buds and melt rosin on the end of a warm knife
    Only need a small amount
    Roll the bud in the rosin and dust with the kief
    Sometimes add a dot of live resin or badder right before vaping
  7. Living the dream with that much keif my bud ain’t even fresh or high thc enough to harvest it that way . Amazing

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