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How do you look at it?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. How do you look at smoking like drinking a beeror something different?
  2. to me... its like breathing oxygen.

    i like being high, am all the time..... and as long as it doesn't affect my daily routine..... i have no problem being blazed all the time.... smokeing a bowl to me is like smomking a cigerette....

    why not if you can?

    edit : post 1,800.... i'm rockin....
  3. Yup.. yup.. just an everyday thing. Much like waking up everyday. Or even more like eating every day. I HATE beer with a passion though.. so it's definitely not like havin a beer for me.
  4. i look at it like just enhancement, i don't really have any thought at all on the actually smoking part... i don't really know how to put it...
  5. I think of it as entertainment. Everything is more fun when stoned or smashed.
  6. i look @ it as entertainment but also on a deeper scale like becoming connected 2 the plant and almosed talking 2 it.... its sorta hard 2 describe
  7. A way to wind down from the days chores.
  8. taking cannabis, in whichever form you do, is one of the cleanest purest things on earth.

    why do you think you cant kill yourself from it!?

    it is healing, it is reacreation, it is socialising, it is stress relieving, it is "spritual"/religious, it quite simply must be done.

    we havnt spent the last X number of tens of thousands of years in co-evolution with this plant for nothing you know.

    its nuthin like booze, its nuthin like cigs, its nuthin like salvia, its nuthin like shroomies, its nuthin like anything else. its truely unique and special.
  9. amen...

    i think they prett ymuch sums it up

    i really like the way i feel connected with the plant and the earth
  10. What wang said.
    When I look at my bills, I figure in an ounce a month under "recreational spending".. heheh.
  11. I look at it as a hobby man... my life is incredibly boring and weed just makes things seem a little bit more interesting.
  12. weed is my medicine that cures the dull drawl of this damn town!

    and it makes you cool B)
  13. I think more clearly, much more open minded and I start to actually make sense when I've been smoking a little cannabis. For some reason, things just seem to click in my brain :)

    I dont drink anymore so I dont really compare it to drinking at all :D
  14. You should see my boring ass town. All the kids are pot heads because this place sucks.
  15. i love how everything around me, including my own thoughts, are enhanced by weed. i believe it should be used responsibly like alcohol, like try not to drive while stoned, pretty dangerous for some people. i tell my friends who don't smoke herb that i don't do drugs, i smoke weed. huge difference to me. i am not addicted to it, i just like it to relax with and ease my worries. like how those friends feel when they have a beer. they just don't get it, unfortunately.

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