How do you like your Whiskey?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Zombiemode, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I was just curious how most people like their whiskey. I'm not talking high end expensive ass whiskey, and I'm not talking dirt cheap whiskey. I like the flavor and enjoy sipping it straight up. No ice or anything (personally, I hate ice in drinks, whether they are alcoholic or not). What about you?
  2. A bottle of jack is all I need, I'm a simple person when it comes to my choice of alcohol. If it's there then I'm getting fucked up on it.
  3. Tall glass of JD and Cocacola. I could down a few of those and start feeling reallly cool. Plus a blunt and voila:smoke:
  4. My dad always liked to mix his, but I like mine just the way it is. :rolleyes:
  5. I'm more of a rum kind of guy, but I drink both my whiskey and rum at room temperature.

  6. Yea mixing it just makes it more of an inviting drink. I enjoy it this way cause it spaces out the volume of alcohol neatly enough to give me that warm happy whiskey feeling.
  7. i actually like it mixed with coke
  8. Jack n Coke All day any day. take like 3-4 ices cubes, half jack half coke.
  9. jack and coke and coke :)
  10. good whiskey on ice
    cheap shit with coke
  11. On the rocks. No other way.
  12. I used to like shots, but they're really just kind of in the way. I sip from the bottle, or a cup if it's not my bottle. And room temperture or iced/on the rocks depending on my mood.

    Rum is also good, and mixes better with sodas and stuff in my opinion.
  13. dont really like to drink more than one or two beers, cant do hard liqour. I just get carried away with it> Follow it pops footsteps with whiskey tho violent as fuck startin fights with everyone I know. Best friends and shit, bouncers man, midgets. its bad.
  14. straight up at room temperature. when you put the ice in you distort the taste and when you take shots you drink it too quick to actually enjoy it.
  15. If you can't drink it straight then you don't have enough hair on your chest.
  16. On the rocks. Johnnie Walker of course. :wave:
  17. haha i was waiting for this to come up...
  18. Wild Turkey on the rocks.

    Or a Jack and Coke.
  19. Depends on the whiskey. :confused_2:

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