How do you like your sex?

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  1. Just a curious question because everyone is different. I like my sex really deep and hard it feels so fucking good especially since my pussy is tight. I'm a bit of a masochist I love being spanked getting my hair yanked and being chocked not to thee point where I'm seeing thee light gentle but firm I can't take it if a guy does that I cum over and over. So yeah how do you guys like your sex also do you like your chicks or guys quiet no moaning semi vocal a little moaning here and there or super vocal moaning non stop but is genuine.
    I am completely vocal it intensifies my climax
  2. Penis in vagina.
  3. I'm pretty much open to anything, EXCEPT.....

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    AahAh good thatll be just gross
  5. I like it rough. As rough as he's willing to give it. Mine is tight too, so it's like... every time we start it up, it hurts, which is good. He's always asking if I'm ok. I tell him if I scratch down his back, or gasp, or moan... that's a goooood thing. :) Rough is fun, I like biting and scratching and pain. I'm a sadomasochist. :D
  6. gotta be honest im a fan of anal :cool:
  7. I just like it when she wants it rough, it does it for me idk.
  8. Shaken, not stirred...
  9. I like it so much guys !!!!!
    Whats about you like guys ????
  10. You fucking read my mind
  11. There are times I like is really rough spanking, biting, hair pulling ect. There are times when I like a nice hard deep slow fuck. Even when I "make love" it's still hard it's just not as angry it's just crazy lol
  12. I like it on a plate.
  13. I like to switch positions when im having sex. I also love eating my girl out. I know she likes it when she wraps her legs around my head and her lower body goes off the ground. Damn, i wish she wasnt working because i really want to eat her out right now.
  14. 69
    though really i just like the flat of her tongue to be on the top side of my tip. oooooooooooooooooooooooo shudder
  15. ^
    69 is definitly worth it!

    But, as long as it's deep, wet, and full of sparks. I don't care wether its rough or nice and slow.
  16. Well done, no fat.
  17. I think you're doing it wrong, unless ur a car.
  18. I like it when my partner is really vocal. Dirty talk, moaning, groaning, gasping... It makes the exchange so much more primal and wild. I feel like I can really let go and have fun with it, and it helps me identify their preferences
    I like moaning myself. When it's genuine.
  19. face down, ass up
  20. [QUOTE="makeitsleet"
    I like moaning myself. When it's genuine.[/QUOTE]

    aww how cute I think that's such a turn on when a guy moans

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