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How do you like your pizza?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. What type of pizza do you like?. What toppings??

    Pizzahut and Dominos

    I like meat lovers and super supremes!!!!
  2. I work at a pizza place myself, woo! As for a favorite pizza, white garlic pizzas are awesome. But for either white garlic or red sauce, I usually get bacon and ham, mmmmm. Thats what I had for dinner tonight.
  3. best topping would be copious amounts of weed.... but besides that i like sausage, vegetarian, actually almost any kind of pizza
  4. I like regular crust from Metro's with either pineapple or green peppers. :D
  5. My neighbor Mrs. Rizzo is a little Italian lady who owns a little Italian restaurant in town. About once a week or so, before she leaves the restaurant, she'll give me a call and ask if I'd like a pizza. I rarely refuse. Just hearing her ask over the phone is like the bells for Pavlov's dogs! I'm usually a drooling mess by the time she brings it to my door.

    I've watched her flip a pie a few times. She kicks ass! For a little old Italian lady, she's quite the agile pizza flipper! From the time you order to the time it goes into the oven has been clocked at just over 3 minutes!

    The best that I can remember is the time during deer season when she topped the pizza with deer salami and Italian sausage (both made on the premises) with lots of fresh garlic and a homemade tomato sauce that's to die for! Topped it all off with freshly grated mozzarella. I almost came three times eating that pizza!
  6. I haven't met a pizza that I didn't like.. I don't like anchovies though!!
  7. Supreme is my all time favorite.
  8. ...plenty meat - and a filled cheese crust type-thingy....maybe with a little 'erb and some 'shrooms for a real 'take awaaaiiyyyy!!!...
  9. got a bit of the munchies BH? pizza and icecream? LOL!

    lesse... i like chicken and spinache alfredo with a little tomatoe sauce, and mushrooms on a pesto crust


    but basically, i'll eat just about any pizza you can think of, anchovies included! ;)

    btw, EurpoeanVW, isn't working in a pizza shop the shit? i love flippin' pies!
  10. Mmm, I forgot about philly cheesesteak pizza. It might be a tie between that and supreme!
  11. I don't dig that philly pizza.

    I like Chicken Alfredo with jalopenos.
    I like pepperoni.
    I like ham and bacon...MY FAVORITE.
    I like onions on them, too.

    Dominos and Pizza Hut do it for me.
    Papa John's has weird sauce.

    Thin crust is the best. Although a Pizza Hut Pan makes me happy too!

  12. ::: changing topic to subs briefly :::

    Quizno's has a kick ass Philly Cheesesteak sub....YUMYUMYUM!!!!

    Ok...back to Pizza!
  13. A white garlic pizza with all time favorite..I can also do with a spinach pizza, or a red pizza with extra cheese and mushrooms...mmm......

  14. OHHHHH...I forgot Spinich Pizza....mmmmmm!!!!

  15. Yup, hah, its the best. Especially when everyone you work with blazes on the regular. It sucks though, I got to take some time off, cut back on hours a bit to get my school work together. Which means less pizza and less money for herb.
  16. We don't have a pizza hut, domino's, or pappa johns out in the country in Greenbow. You can drive to the gas station and get a slice from the disply by the cash register.

    When we eat pizza, we have to drive a ways and always go to the college pizza place. the kids get either plain or pepperoni, mom orders a mediteranian pizza with sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, feta cheese, spinach and a bunch of other gunk.

    And I get the Big Poppa special, sausage, ham, pepperoni, green peppers, onion, green olives, and banana peppers. and then copious amounts parmesain and red pepper sprinkled on top. Sometime sI'll put yellow squash on it and sweet peppers, but its the banana peppers that are the key!

    And a bottle of italian red wine to wash it down.

  17. I dunno, after having real philly cheesesteaks at pats king of steaks on vacation all the freezer cheesesteaks and sub place cheesesteaks really suck. As for pizza, my favorite is red baron original peperoni and sausege.
  18. Pizza Hut pan pizza with peperoni, bacon, jalapino and extra cheese.....uummm yummy! Very greasy! But yummy... Oh, can't forget the tobassco.
  19. personally i like anything more for some reason when i make it... a mental thing i guess... that or our pizza is the best!!! dont think Toarminas goes outside the state... but were in michigan, anyone here should try some... or if your in another state come here and try some!! i got 3 letters, BLT... ooo god, nothing better than that pizza... we use all the best ingredients!! really, i make most of it myself, except for the meats n stuff.. but we make our own dough, shread our own cheese with 2 kinds of motserella... or however you spell it... but anyways, we streach the dough, put the cheese on, put some beacon on it, toss it in the oven then when its cooked we put the mireacle whip on and the toss on some tomatos and lettuce.... and my god!! i had enough to where i was ful... then had about 3 more pieces!! i cant get enough of it... sooo goooood!
  20. dominos buy one get one free tuesday.... meat lovers..... or the meat lover p'zone thingy (who the hell though up the name p'zone?)

    or my homemade version of a pizza.... sause just cheese and an inch of perreroni, sausage, cannadian bacon, and did i mention cheese?

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