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How do you like your buds?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by justdroppingby, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. When you guys smoke out of a bong or piece, do you break up your buds, or just smoke them whole?
    Just wondering which was the best method, or if there was any difference at all.
  2. u must brake them things up, cuz there just to danm big..well the ones i smoke hents
  3. yeah i gotta break em up.....if i didn't it wouldn't fit in it.....small bud at least 30mm long.....size of my bowls..approx 15mm.....Peace out....Sid
  4. i break it into a size that fits into my bowl nicely but no further, mainly because i am lazy and it has no seeds so there is no point IMHO.
  5. yeah, and ya dont wanna waste none

  6. i always break em up, gotta conserve some!
  7. i either break it up or give it a quick grind..... "the lil'er the bits.... the bigger the hits...."
  8. I always just break it up a little.. Usually just really fast.. :smoking:
  9. i break mine up pretty good... i like the bigger hits ya get from the increase in air-flow :)
  10. I like to break it up, seems like you do get bigger hits that way, and you can pack a bowl tighter
  11. Depends if I'm smokin outta my bong or pipe
    Pipe I like to break up the weed a little more than when I smoke outta my bong I just rip a little nug the size of my bowl because the hole seems to be a little too big for me to break up my weed and I'm too lazy to get screens

  12. ya don't need screens... break up the buds like you would for your pipe. then grab a wad of 'em with your thumb, index, and middle fingers, and pack 'em in good into the bong... should work just fine :)
  13. hatebreeder, is that purple haze u talking 'bout? loadsa strains use the name haze as a prefix or suffix to their name due to the popularity of purple haze.

    and daaaaamn is it popular for a reason. quite possably the finest smoke ever. so well rounded. wonderfull flavour, really gets the saliva going. gets a smile on yer face first toke every time (usually before if u know whats coming hehe), not too indica - just enough. but still with that definit sativa high. Oooooh! i luuuuuurv purple haze! havn't had any for a few months now, but i did get some purple haze Northern Lights 5 cross to sample. Oh yeah! that shit was good.

    i had some nevills haze a lil while ago. a bitch to grow apparantly (double the flowering period), but a true conisuers choice. quite grapefruity and a unique stone. yummy.

    sorry... bit of a tangent there.
    eh, what was this thread about originally....

    oh yeah.

    how do i like my buds.... uh.
    seedless, compact, un-spun, and FEMALE! the more chrystally luvvly trichromes the better! and purple. I don't know why. I just like the idea of a purple plant. :D

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