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How do you light?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by guest5555555555, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. what is your regular method of lighting your bud? i usually use a bic
  2. bic lighter.. matches w/e makes a fire lol
  3. I agree with August West. but bics for the most part
  4. torch lighters....i dunno, i just like em.
  5. I love the great taste of using natural beeline hemp string... the best imo. saves money on lighters.
  6. well idk if it saves money on lighters but it definitely saves your lungs and flavor. thats why i choose the line over the bic because of the quality because a $2.50 line will last me a week while the lighter will prolly last me three
  7. #8 guest5555555555, Sep 27, 2009
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2009
    yeah im not sure about the beeline saving money... plus you still gotta light that up... or about the better for your lungs part... but the taste is a hell of a lot better with beeline, its just not my regular. bics do seem to be the standard but i know theres people out there that swear by other methods. the only one im a hater about are the cheap lighters... if i dont have anything else to use then ill mess with em but the feeling/sound when you flick em makes me cringe. ive never used a zippo to light my green though. i wonder how that is
  8. babababeelineeeee
  9. i used a zippo with my bong more then 100 times probally...not on a daily basis though but its not to bad i like the smell/taste from a zippo.
  10. Lol, who would use most of these options? You're pretty creative if you do.

    And I use bics, and if I don't have a lighter, I'll use matches.
  11. yeah i know a lot of them seem like a lot of hassle but i met a few stoners in Canada that told me that if the sun is out that they only use a magnifying glass. and obviously bic is the standard but i wanted to see if any other options have a bigger following than i know of
  12. I use Bics, but I really want to try a Beeline and a solar hit whenever I have the chance. Next time I pick up some bud I'll probably buy a roll of Beeline and try it. Then I gotta find a magnifying glass somewhere and try solars
  13. Bic or Beeline and once in a blue moon I use my buddies hakko
  14. Usually a trusty fat bic.

    I've resorted to using a 9v battery, steel wool, and paper to light my blunt outside. :p
  15. i always go with a Bic
  16. Bic

    would use beeline if i had it

    I saw a video on youtube of hot knives... dont think i could ever do that, id feel like a straight crackhead
  17. Flick my dick
  18. i usually use my zippo mainly because its usually all i got
  19. I use a bic only because I don't have bee line.
    But I'm going to pick up a spool once I get off my t-break.
    I used to use a nice zippo but I lost it

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