how do you know?

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  1. How do you know when your plants done?and how many weeks does it take once it starts to bud?with regualar sunlight average.
  2. You're growing and you don't know?? Do some reading my friend, do some reading.
    There are many areas here you can find the info you seek.

    When it begins flowering, you will see white hairs, bout two weeks into it. The time it takes depends on plant, usually?? 8-10 weeks, longer for some and shorter for others.

    If you keep notes about your grow, you will have info for that plant next time.

    I'm in Northern Oregon, and I believe flowering began around the fifth of Auguest. My plants were transplanted outdoors for remodel, and within less than one month in ground, all are over five feet, tallest over nine feet and going to town!!!

    I expect a good yield. One guy estimated his plant would

    Here are pics of a part of garden, when first transplanted, and other yesterdat Aug 29th.

    Anyway, looking good!!


    Copy of DSCF0157.JPG

    Auguest28th 024.jpg
  3. you will see the trichomes and hairs start to turn an amber color. i forget exactly what percent you want to wait for but when they turn that rusty amber color and get nice and full its time to chop.
  4. I know now,it says the pistils turn color,from there original white,like when 85 % turns then its time.Thanks for the info
  5. well my plants just entering flowering stage
    u think is that too late for the season??
    and its aug 31.. the days are gettin cold,
    avg day temp is 80s
    avg night temp is 60 to 70s
  6. It prob is to late. So unless you have an early bloomer you might be fucked, unless your temps stay in that range for the next two to three months. Just watch for mold cuz those are ideal temps for it at night.
  7. shit..
    so should i like dig it up, put in the pot and move to inside so i can start force flowering?

    but the plants are bout 4 to 5 feet and i'm afried that i'll break the roots...
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    When you are checking to see if your buds are ready don't go by the the hairs turning brown. You have to look closely at the trichomes with a good magifier of some type, like a 10X jewelers loop. When they start to amber at about 50% amber and 50% cloudy then they will be ready. Cannabis is a pretty hardy plant I would say if temps don't get below 40 degrees F for no more than a couple hours at night you should be fine. That is probably the lower end of it's temp tolerance. It's when temps start getting to the frost temps you really need to be worried about. You can always cover your plants after dark with something light weight and can breathe, like a old bed sheet, preferably not white for security reasons unless you can remove it just before sun up. Depending on the strain flowering can take anywhere from 6 to 18 weeks to finish. Indicas with a shorter flowering time and sativa with a longer, normally..

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