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how do you know when bud is done while vaping?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by steampunktripod, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. sorry if this has been posted, can't find a non awkward way to pose the question and search for it.

    so i got an iolite vaporizer recently, and its my first experience with a vape. when smoking it's obv when weed is done, but i'm not sure how to tell for vaping. since i usually can't see the vapor coming out anyway, i wouldn't be able to tell that way, assuming no more vapor comes from bud once it's used up. is there any way to know?

    if i pack a bowl, vape for a few hits, and turn it off, it'd work fine to turn it back on later and keep vaping from the same weed, right?

    you get the idea of what i'm asking, any info appreciated xD
  2. I've only used the iolite once, but I own a Volcano and have used other vapes many times. Mostly it's the taste, once the vapor starts to taste and smell like burnt popcorn, the bowl is done.

    Also the material turns brown.

    Pro-Tip - KEEP your vaped material in a separate container and when you have about an ounce or so, make Cannabutter!
  3. I just got an iolite the other day too!

    For me, when theres less of a taste i re pack the bowl. The manual says one bowl should last around 15 minutes.
  4. You can keep ripping it until it tastes kind of like burnt popcorn, when you get that taste then all the THC is out and its been fully vaped.
  5. heh, burnt popcorn. i get the idea, thanks people.

    but if you can use vaped weed to make canabutter, doesn't that mean there's still THC and whatnot in it, and thus it wasn't done being vaped? is there a little that you just can't vape out or what?
  6. Yes, all of the THC and psychoactive components are not completely used when vaping, there are still some latent CBDs in vaped weed (I call it vapor poo)
  7. Until no more vapor is produced and it doesnt taste as sweet, dont try to get taht last bit of THC out you might end up burning it.
  8. I just keep vaping mine in my light-bulb vape until it produces no more or vapor. Like literally, it wont make any more vapor.

    Then i usually smoke it on a dry day.
  9. i know for my vape the weed gets really dry and crumbly and also dark brown. Also as everyone said the taste goes from awesome to not so yummy when its time to cash the bowl
  10. How many draws in a bowl?
    How long is the draw?
  11. Another way: How many times do you turn it on before you refill?
  12. Like Wild Bill said. Burnt popcorn, done.
  13. how many rips in a normal full chamber?

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