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how do you know if you're good??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crazyshot12, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. alright im a bit of a newbie when it comes to smoking so bear with me here.

    this morning i smoked blunt with me and my mates. 10 minutes after the first hit i couldn't feel anything so i just kept taking hits hoping for an effect. well one half hour in i was having a really bad reaction and going all numb troughout my body. my mouth was also really dry and it was real unpleasant.

    i really want to avoid getting such a bad reaction again so that's why im posting this. is there any way to know how much is enough? i read somewhere that it takes time for cannabis to be absorbed is this true???

    (also i'm still feeling a bit woozy so sorry if any of this comes off as weird)
  2. Smoke half the amount you smoked last time. Only you can tell if you're good.

    Btw, sounds like you got really stoned, lucky bastard ;).
  3. Dude next time just take less hits. Numb body is like the primary effect of weed, that and your thinking process being retarded. You were just really stoned, and the "dry mouth" that got comes with being really high its called cottomouth. Hope this helps :wave:
  4. The dry mouth comes from the smoke that was just in your mouth actually...?
  5. Nope, some buds I can smoke and not get cotton mouth.
  6. Many people who just start tend to over do it. If you just wanna get high, smoke a bowl and see where you're at. Then smoke more if you have to. If you wanna get stoned like you just did keep smoking blunts. I don't get what you mean by unpleasant though. It's the most pleasant feeling ever.
  7. hahahhah u were super blowed i noe lots of ppl that wish they could still get that high
  8. There was one time that I had just one hit from a joint and then had to leave (our discreetness was compromised):cool:
    and ten minutes later I go to step out of the car and boom- high. So moral of the story is to start small and give it time to kick in so you don't surprise yourself :D
  9. just relax and have somthing to drink
    but make sure that you dont ash whatever your smoking in your drink

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