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How Do You Keep Your Stash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LmoTheKidd, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Pill bottle? Mason Jar? Plastic baggie?

    I bought some last night and it's in a baggie.. I hid it in my closet, but when you open the door the smell hits you like a brick wall...

    So what do you keep your stash in?
  2. I've been using a pill bottle latley, but I'm thinking about getting a mason jar. I HATE dry weed... dont really know why, it just bothers me.:rolleyes:
  3. Baggie for me. I never have weed long enough to keep it anywhere else, an eighth might last a night or 3, and a quarter lasts at most a week for me. I normally just deseed/destem it, throw it in a bag and throw that in my backpack or inside pocket of my coat.
  4. just a large pill bottle in the dark. Weed doesnt last long for me. I SMOKE WAY TO MUCH!

    I just keep it on my shelf with my glass and other smoking equipment.
  5. Mason Jars. Good seals, replaceable too! And I'm sure you or your grandma has one lying around collecting dust.
  6. in a plastic tupperware type container,
    sugar cookie dough came in it and the lid seals tight,
    contents: pipe, baggies,
    dryer sheets, just in case i need to grab one to blow smoke into, and helps with smell
    bud, lighter, and a bottle of visine a for allergies(couldn't find rohtos at store)
    and I put that into a treasure chest I got as a kid, I have a lock on the chest and throw that in a big rubbermaid container on shelves in my closet where I keep childhood memories,
    so the chest just looks like something I had as a kid and the bud is double sealed,
    I've been caught once with paraphenilia and once my dad came home and smelled smoke,
    good luck finding my stash mom and now I only smoke in the bathroom and turn on shower just in case parents come home,
    I'm 18 a freshman in college and I have a job,
    don't fully understand why parents care cause I pay for my own shit,
    and as far as they know I don't smoke in their house but they're still against it,
    oh well hopefully I can get a place soon

    end of rant lol :hello:
  7. Hand blown glass jar with a cork top. It really is the only way to keep weed.
  8. I put mine in a broken guitar pedal on a shelf in my closet
  9. Crappy, old mason jar. Does the trick.
  10. I kept mine in my little fender amp I took all the screws out and put a little hinge on it so I had a stashbox for the car,
    but It was too inconvenient and my parents wondered why I always took my guitar and amp with me everywhere I went,
    so I quit using it before they searched me
  11. Yeah my mom makes homemade pickles so we have a lot of mason jars around the house.. some of them have decorative seals on them so they're kinda cute...

    But I don't have anything small yet, so I can't throw it in my purse to hide well when I go home. im thinking maybe an altoid tin.
  12. I keep my buds in baggies inside an airtight jar. I keep ground up weed (joints/blunts) - only b/c I smoke that daily so it doesn't get real stale - inside a big pill bottle.
  13. I use to use mason jars, they work well. Now i use this little tupperware like container thats air tight. Keeps my buds fresh and no smell.

  14. in a tupparware box, i need a mason jar but i usually dont have enough to make it worth it though.

    wow LaChron thats pretty much the exact container i use, just a little smaller.
  15. You can get different sizes. Others are not nearly as easy to find as the traditional quart size, but they're out there somewhere. Last time I went to Wally World they had pint jars, so you might want to check there.

  16. I'm pretty sure i saw some containers like these at staples except they were way smaller. they ranged from tiny to huge, and i didn't even think about it until now. thanks for the pic!!
  17. Also, I've found that if you need a box to store everything in, the iPhone/iPod Touch boxes work extremely well. You can fit a small lighter, a few screens, a pipe, eyedrops, a pack of Zig Zags and a baggie with a quarter or so in there and it's airtight to the point that I've had the box sitting on my dresser and you can't smell the weed until you open it up. If you've got one, definitely give it a try.
  18. I use a mason jar
    Any kind of jar works, really.
    also, checking my new sig :3
  19. Well, I usually keep my stash on my upper lip.

    But in all seriousness, I keep it in a little altoids tin, that is, if it will all fit in there.
  20. I keep my stash in the plastic baggie the bud came it. I stick this baggie underneath my nightstand next to my bed with my Visine, glass pipe, papers and lighter. Works well because my parents don't go in my room.

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