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How Do You Keep Your Pot Fresh?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by max979, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Hi all
    Im considoring buying in larger amounts and keeping for longer (i have my reasons for this)
    can i keep my weed fresh for about 2-3 weeks without it losing its poticinty (so it will still be a good smoke)?
    or if not 2-3 weeks how long? =S
  2. Hey Max. I have a similar issue. I'm buying a large amount and hopping it will last me a couple months. I've heard freezing works, I don't know, if someone could set me straight on that?

    If not, then take a half oz or whatever will last you a week, keep that out and heavily wrap the rest and keep it from moisture.
  3. Thanks for the fast reply, its a thoughie thats been giving me trouble. Ive heard freezing dosnt work because its a moist place, but that needs to be cheaked out.
    say if i took enough for 3 weeks and wraped it up ight ad put it in a jar will it last those 3 weeks?
    : )
  4. Some growers keep bud in mason jars for years. As long as you store in a cool, dark, dry place you should have no problems.
  5. Just put it into an air tight glass jar and store in a cool dark place. Not the freezer as freezing temps will degrade the trichome heads causing loss of potency.
  6. Thans man, now I can buy and store that bud for when i need it, not when they can sell it :D
  7. Thank you for clearing that. I must have confused it with a beef tenderloin or something...

    Would a mason jar or some cleaned out smuckers jars work?
  8. Instead of freezing, keeping it in the vegetable compartment of your refridgerator isn't a bad choice. My dealer did thid with his best weed, and it kept it fresh for a much longer time
  9. glass jars are good. keep it fresh and contains the smell too if thats an issue..
  10. Mason jars are the best things to store your weed. I've personally stored some of my own stash for up to 6 months and when you put t in the jars "it only gets better." The air tight glass jars are where it's at!
  11. jar jar jar jar, get em at any walmart you can use the jelly jars too, just clean em out good
  12. i get a big ziplock bag and then put a smaller ziplock bag with the weed inside that bag and i make sure to push out all the air and make sure all the air is out then i put it inside a glass mason jar and then i put a hat over it
    i had some really damp dank and its still damp as fuck all clustered together
    hasn't lost any weight what so ever, i have had this weed for 2 weeks so far, been the same the entire time
  13. Glass jar is the best for it, and they're cheap...
  14. In an air tight container, and I open it a couple times throughout the day so my buds keep fresh and dont get moldy or dry!
  15. Mason Jar. I have had weed thats been in them for over 6 months and been fine. Had to stop for a job but kept building my stash and its some fine smoking.
  16. mason jar is good, save my stash makes packets that work well
  17. I wrap it up in a ziploc bag and I have this glass little container i seal it in
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    i keep all my weed in a grape jam jar.this works because if you throw it into some obscure dirty place (under the bed) no one will touch it.
    Also! For added moisture, next time you have an orange handy, be sure to scrape some of the peel off into yor weed. It will stay fresh for ages, not to mention that extra citrusy taste!
  19. i'm too lazy to read the rest of the replies, so if someone said this already i apologize lol, cut an orange peal and add it to ur stash jar (you should keep stash in glass jars for maximum freshness), the orange will keep bud fresh and smelling great.
  20. I put it in my red skittle container.

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