How do YOU initiate a hook up?

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  1. So you're at a party with your girl / guy you wanna try you're luck with. Blades how do you initiate the hookup? Any go to lines you use to get some alone time?
  2. lately all ive been doing (succesfully)
    is look at them in the eyes when we're close to eachother and alone, and go "you alright?" and after their "yeah" i just go in for the kill, you have to be sure the girl is into you because otherwise i aint got a clue how could it work.
    with that ive learned is not what you say, you just have to say something, anything...and then do something, anything.

  3. hmmm... do anything....

    shove a cabbage up her skirt and yell, "I AM THE QUEEN OF PRUSSIA!!"

    that should work, right??
  4. Idk man most of the time I'm drunk so ill say something drunk and stupid and usually the panties just
  5. That sounds really creepy to just get in a girls face and asks if she's alright, but hey if it works then I can't hate.
  6. Hey, wanna bang? That usually works.
  7. I don't believe in using "lines" because that operates on the presuppostion that my own personality isn't good enough. Usually if someone's gonna hook up, it's pretty obvious from early on and both of us will make subtle moves towards it. It's not like it's one sudden moment.
  8. Man i've thrown so much advice out there while on my time on here, i should just make a fuckin' thread and be done with it.
  9. Pull your cock out and make it happen. It works.
  10. I've tried this twice.. failed miserably once.. and got a bj the other time.
  11. It depends on the situation, if you're at a club with a girl you've just met then just make sure you have a connection going. Make your intentions clear, as far as that you're into her and she knows, without being all over the girl..... what most guys do, they just dont have any self control.

    The club isnt the best place to try to tell her a joke or whatever but you can be funny in your acting at times, being a bit silly so she can laugh. Laughing for girls is like mini orgasms, so make sure you can make her laugh a bit.
    Retain confidence, make sure you're somewhere a but private and not too loud and all that, so you can go in for the kill afterwards.

    She should be into you, phisically and emotionally. When you feel the most confident about your connection with each other, just slowly but surely make a move.
    Dont take too long, and dont just kiss her outta fuckign nowhere.

    Its hard to teach someone these things cause every situation is different, and it has a lot to do with emotions and vibes you get off of each other and wether you are able to read it, and play along with it, and know how to use it.
  12. i've realized persistence pays off.
    just go for it, lean in for the kiss if she rejects it at first don't even sweat it. if she is still standing there talking to you keep talking to her a few minutes later go for it again. if she rejects you again, but is still standing there talking to you, take her somewhere else. she might not be kissing you because she is around a friend or something. once you are in a new location, try again. basically keep trying until you are either fucking her, or until she is walking away.

    i've never had one walk away if they stayed after the first attempt though. i've had girls reject the first attempt and walk away, but if they reject it and stayed talking to you, every one of them i have at least made out with later if not more.

    when do you lean in for the kiss you say? whenever the hell you get the opportunity. you can help create the opportunity by using body language and stuff. i usually put a hand on their side, or lower back. initiating contact. then you lick/bite your lips. then you do the triangle look. you quickly look at one of her eyes, then her lips, then back to her other eye.
    then you go for the kiss.
  13. I feel u op. sometimes its hard to think of shit to say that will lead a jawn without seeming like your trying too hard
  14. Hey, 50/50 chance. That's not bad...
  15. Get her really drunk.

    Just kidding. It just sort of happens when you least expect it.
  16. I typically don't know if I want to "hook up" with someone until after I've talked to them a while, gotten to know them, and figured out if we are in any way compatible or like minded.

    So, I'd probably open up with something along the lines of, "Hello, my name is ____, what's you name? Nice to meet you ____." And continue on from there...
  17. Hay baby get your pants off.
  18. what if she's wearing a skirt?
  19. Pull it up, pull it down, or rip it off!
  20. BOOM! I lock eyes with a certain hottie after I'm drunk enough, but not wasted, BANG! I walk up to her and plant a french kiss on her. POW! Squeeze her ass and proceed to move her into a vacant bedroom KAPOW!!! Hit that!

    That's pretty much it. But I don't party and am in a relationship now.

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