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How do you hit your spoon?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by getfried, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Do you straight inhale down your throat when your hitting it? Or do you build a cloud in your mouth then inhale? I find it less harsh when your not hittin the bowl like a roach..
  2. Just straight up inhale it
  3. I hit my spoon almost like you hit a cigarette. I was once a smoker before i quit tobacco products entirely, so if you've ever smoked the ol' cancer sticks before you'll know what I mean. Anyway, back on topic, I milk my spoon as thick as I like it (milking is by inhaling but not letting anything go past the back of your tongue, this causes the smoke to collect in the glass and some in your mouth) and then I carb the piece to allow the smoke to enter my mouth. from there i inhale through my nose a little, and then finally finish it off with an inhale of air, hold for a couple seconds, then exhale. Don't hold for more than 5+ seconds, no point.
  4. by the way, milking a large piece like a bong, will require a different technique, but the idea is still the same, only inhaling enough to fill the glass, not to force hot smoke into your throat and lungs.
  5. Inhale. Then leave some in your mouth for some tricks ;P
    None of that pussy shizz.
  6. I light that shit and when I feel like I am ready, I let go of the carb and enjoy.
  7. Straight up inhale

  8. To do this I feel like you have to pack down the weed way more. Other wise it'll be difficult to keep it all in your mouth.
  9. i slober on it like its a .ock and kind of huff on it.

    ahah i guess i hold it against my index with my middle finger on the bottem with my thumb over the carb light it with my right hand and then pray for the best

    how do you hit yours...?
  10. I don't. Bong >
  11. inhale straight.....

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