How Do YOU Hide yours?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ChrisSmokes, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Well I don't know If there's already a topic about this but Anyways..
    I wanna know how you Hide yours.. Not just your weed stash.. but your bubblers, bongs, spoons ext.

    If you have parents how do you get it in and out of the house and all that..

    With mine, I have this sort of trap door above my room with insulation in it, so I put it ina bag and slide it under so even if you open it up, there's no way of telling.

    I'm looking to get a bong soon But I was hoping some of you could help with ways of how to sneak it in and out of the house without anybody noticing.
    -- I'm Hoping to Learn from your stories :).​

  2. i have a safebox,and when i need to move it in or out my house i just put it in my bookbag that i always take anywere i go, it's on of thoses small gym bags

  3. I should start bringing a bag everywhere I go so its less suspicious..
  4. I have a "roadside emergency kit" for my car hidden in my closet. Inside is a gallon ziploc bag inside another gallon ziploc bag with all my shit in it. I usually keep my bowl in a sock too.
  5. Up my ass :p
  6. get a lockbox. best investment I ever made. If cops bust you, they can't make you open it. You can just tell them it is your gay porn collection and you are self conscience about it.
  7. I have a little cardboard box in the corner of my desk that holds a short lamp up, I just slip my stuff inside the box and nobody knows.. not like they'd care. :)
  8. i put my weed in a deodarant stick container thingy with some deodarant in it and i keep that in my locker so dogs will never smell it and my parents will never see it cause its at school

    and i made a waterfall bong with a sobe, so my bowl, lid and bottle look normal when they are searated
  9. I keep everything in my backpack. I caught my parents going through my stuff one day, and I let them know that if they ever did it again, I would move out. They don't even go near my stuff anymore.
  10. i put my bowl inside a little velvet black bag...and i put that..along with my lighters and hitter and green in an empty computer game box. the tray slides out for easy access and if you play games alot, like me, no one will ever suspect you. if you have like 3 bowls or hitters maybe more it's the perfect place to keep all of ur stuff together in secrecy
  11. i have the type of ceiling where you can like push up the tiles so i just take one out put my stuff away and put it back in.
  12. I have a little shaving kit bag that just sits in my closet and has my bud, bowl, lighters, papers, pokers, etc. all in it.
  13. All I have now are a pipe, some papers and some blunt wraps as far as accessories go, so I just hide them in a small box under my tv stand. I'm looking to order a bong in 2 or 3 weeks and still have no clue where I'm going to put that damn thing lol.
  14. i keep my small amounts in my shoe secret pocket under the toungue
  15. a locked up bookbag in the bottom of my closet.
  16. ok my mom leaves almost every night from 6-7:30 so i get high fast when she is gone, but i smoke in my bathroom with the windo cracked and i keep all my stuf in thear too. but i actually hide it all in a cabnet in a cabnet, but u probly dot understand so here it goes. under my sink thear is 3 cabnets if u open the first 1 u see another cabnet but when u open it the door blocks the view so u have to crawl into the second cabnet to see inside it, and i can fit like 4 bongs in thear.:smoking:
  17. When im in my truck i open my sterring wheel where the horn is and stash my shit in there.

    at the house im not paranoid i leave all my pipes bong everything laying around my house i live out in the country so no one really gets supicouis out here.

    in the fuse box in your car is a good place to stash weed i can put a ounce in there with ease

  18. thats a stupid fucking idea bro....never ever ever leave weed at school..your asking for big problems.
  19. why in the world would you leave it at school
  20. how do you hide yours : obviously not very well. a parent found it. lol

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