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How do you hide the smell of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, May 5, 2011.

  1. Febreeze? Axe? Dryer Sheets? any other idea you can think of? what works the best?
  2. Lighting of an incense or candle (scented) works the best for me.

    Febreeze is also pretty good.

    Just store your stash in a mason jar/air tight sealed container and that can also be used to cover the smell.
  3. i rub apple sauce all over my self to hide the smell
  4. Iam over 18 and not scared of "getting in trouble"

  5. Buy some ONA

  6. I don't.
  7. Blow until a sploof with dryer sheets if your indoors. If not spray axe its not very noticable man
  8. This.

    Well, I towel my door... but I figure smoking from a bowl is less stinky than joints or blunts. So in the end there isn't really much to hide? :confused:

  9. i sm0ked in my fucking kitchen today, ma was in it an hour later had no idea. Just ventilate and evacuate. i.e. blow out the window to start with, open some more windows/ turn on a fan & light a candle if the smell is strong, then evacuate- get everything that smells like weed put away and move to a different room and throw on some cologne/ shower/ whatever works

  10. Everyone says a sploof is a fool-proof way. Ive used them a few times. the first time i think it works. but the next few times it works barely. Ive used one in my room, sis walks in and says she can smell it. idk maybe its just the way i made them.
  11. febreeze works the best it elminates smells
  12. well i hide my shit in a huge ass, wide pill bottle i got from enormous antibiotics i was on. and when i smoke i just spray a little febreeze, and open a window. no one can smell a thing.
  13. Well, like a couple others said, I dont hide the smell, lol. But seriously, weed smell doesnt really stick around for very long. Just open the window.
  14. uh, move out... turn 18 first. and move out of here first.
  15. i dont do anything lol i just go outside and smoke so no need to hide any smell
  16. Eat a lot of high fibre cereal and let the farts fly.
  17. Well I use sploofs for starts. Next I towel my door. To be honest sploofs for me at least suck. I blow out my window but it still smells. But after the window in my room is open for about 15 minutes, its undetectable. Plus, I got my brother to let me know when the house smells if it does. Still gotta live by parents rules til I move out, so I respect the fact that they don't appreciate weed in their house. I haven't been caught using these methods since I was 15.
  18. OH MY GOD. Will you just quit telling people they arn't 18 yet like you are in ALL of your other posts? I'm quite sick of it.

  19. this is what I do when I smoke in my room and it works like a charm smell is gone in aabout an hour.. when I smoke in my room I usualy smoke about 1/8 or so

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