How do you hang out?

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  1. I know this sounds lame, but I've been in a dilemma for a while that I haven't ever knew how to fix, so I decided to come here for answers. I have pretty bad social skills and don't hang out with people often unless they invite me to do something. So my question is how do you typically arrange a get together? Do you usually hang out with only one friend or a group of friends? Do you ask to go to a friends or do you bring them to your place? I'm really tired of being so anti-social so I just want to know how people typically hang out.
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    Need a little background to help better...what do you and your friend or friends like to do? What type of area do you live in?
  3. Well, usually you find something in common that you could do together. Ie, smoke weed, play pool, go hiking, whatever. Call them up or send them a text asking if they want to hang out. If you're not sure, ask them where they want to hang out or what they want to do. ("Your place or mine?") If you can bring more cool people, do it. I usually keep it to 2-4 people at a time unless it's a party or somethin.

    But yeah, I don't know how to explain how to hang out, you just have good conversation, or do something that everyone can be involved in. I have a few different groups of friends. Some of them just come over and smoke pot, others go with me to the pool hall, then I have friends I go places with, other people I just sit around and watch movies with, then the party friends and drinking buddies. It helps if you have different groups of friends so you can expand the variety of cool shit to do.

    Try going to a party or something and make it a mission to meet people. Even if they end up not being cool, you're still learning how to get out there a little bit more so you can make more friends.
  4. My day of hanging out usually starts like this...........Call my friends house ask him if he wants to burn i grab my box and i go to his place. I have noticed that there are 2 kinds of people in my opinion the kind that are always at friends or the kid who never leaves his house and allways has friends over. I usually just call and ask if he wants to chill if not i move on down the list of friends till i have something to do. Its ok im a very socially akward person but i manage to do it lol. Hope this helped keep toking.:smoking:
  5. With my wang out
  6. me and my friends just have a ton to talk about. when i hang out with someone (the standard hangout when they come to my house with no specific plans), i usually start off by choosing music to put on, usually death metal, powerviolence, or goth, then start the talking, pack the bong, sit back and discuss shit. i also like to play tony hawk 3, ssb/m/b/b+, and street fighter! i just have a lot in common with my friends, if you dont have anything to talk about the relationship (yes friendship is a relationship!) will go sour.
  7. I just play my day to its best, and when im done with class i'll usually have a couple people texting me wanting to chill. If not, i have last period with one of my best friends which either we go do something in town with other people or i'll just get a ride home with him and hang out at his place, he lives like 5 minutes walking distance from my house.
  8. if you've got a cool spot to a room with a bed, recliner some cool chairs or some shit in your house..and you can either smoke outside or in the house..friends usually just like to chill at your house and just talk, listen to music, play xbox36o, ps3 whatever man..i do believe this..i think pot makes it impossible for an awkward situation
  9. this is how it goes down everytime for me

    i call up my two closest friends, we meet up and hang out for a little while

    then, we decide what to do, usually text a bunch of other people to see whats going on that afternoon/night and see what drugs are around.

    figure out which options are best, then do what we choose.

  10. thats what i was gonna say. lol
  11. Thanks for the help guys!

    So it really depends on what your friends like doing? I would imagine also that after a while of being more social, you would start to get more invitations to go out, so you don't have to start the hang-out sessions all the time right?

  12. Yeah usually if your friends enjoy hanging out with you.
  13. True. The more active you are in trying to get involved with them, the more they will try to get involved with you.

    Movies, food, pool, basketball, music are all good ways to kick it. If there's a concert soon, ask some peeps you know if they might be interested. Ask if they want to go see Robin Hood, or get some grub.

    Keep a good conversation going.

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