How do you handle your funds for buying herb?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jakeoster, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. I buy almost everything on credit cards or debit so I rarely have cash on me.

    What I do is everytime I come up on cash somehow I put it towards getting herb. I never withdraw money from the bank to get it just out of habit.

    Anyone else have a mental system for herb aquisition funds?
  2. Usually when I'm running low I buy more so I never really run out. I work so it's easy
  3. Every payday I take out enough to cover my essentials till next pay day. Essentials covers everything from a bag of weed to groceries to gas. I dislike using my card for my purchases so I tend to take out cash and only leave the house with what I need for the occasion.
  4. one of my connects has a intuit card reader for his iphone lol

    but i usually just get money from an atm. i have a online bank so they reimburse all the atm fees.
  5. Cash cash cash! It's the only way with any purchase, i also don't want someone knowing what brand of toilet paper i wipe my ass with and everything else

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