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How do you guys send weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SuitandTie, Jan 10, 2002.

  1. Hey,
    How do you guys get weed from place to place. We put in in sampoo bottles when we need to send it places. But i dont feel safe anymore now aht all this mail shit is afoot.
    Suit and Tie
  2. I've never sent weed or had it sent to me... but I may be looking into that option soon, if I can't score anything.

    I've always heard that you can't be held responsible for things you receive in the mail, if intercepted. I'd think it would be a bit more dangerous... but hasn't everything containing anthrax... or suspected to, thus far, been in an envelope?

    I'd think that if mailed at the bottom of a coffee can along with coffee grounds or something else with a pungent smell it would be ok.

    I've also heard of some people "candling" their stash for mailing, hollowing a large candle, placing the stash inside and then melting the candle back together.

    Anyone know of any "sure-fire" methods?
  3. the trick isnt to desquise the smell as much as it is to completely eliminate the smell. This is why single roled bags placed in peanut butter or double rolled bags in a shampoo bottle works well. No vapors get out bc they bags are "sealed" by either peanut butter or shampoo.

    Suit and Tie
  4. i've heard of using laudry detergant (tide). butit does change the taste a little
  5. everytime i've sent and recieved weed i've used a shampoo bottle. It also worked when I was taking home some of my stash from amsterdam. Just be sure to use tight ziplock bags. The first time all the weed and shampoo got mixed and it was a big nasty mess. oh well.
  6. Some one once told me that if you have two tins one small and a bigger one the bigger one being a coffee tin fill the smaller on with the cannibis and the larger on with coffee. its supposed to stop sniffer dogs from finding it but i am not sure if it works!

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