How do you guys prepare for a date

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  1. A date is never platonic

    she's their to find out more about you

    if its falling down to friends level you have screwed up big time

    true I never hit the bed on the first date

    way too may STD's about, ..usual is date 2 or 3

    but I'm not really bothered in truth the more I understand... the more I don't want to know

    always shes the opposite, the more she knows of me, the more she likes

    the quicker I meet her pillow

    be warned if you have no confidence you are screwed,

    in truth what I like about dating is the fresh new face

    avoid the “womanese

    good luck
  2. It's an escalation based on how things go.
    You can take it as easy as you like on the first date or two, and based on how well you hit it off, you can step up the romance from there.
    The beauty of a sane and decent 1st date, where you actually successfully chill, is that it makes taking it to the next level that much easier, since you've already made a sane connection.

    I know salesmen like the "ABC" approach (Always Be Closing), but I've found that
    A - The real cool ladies' men are never pushy.
    B- Many (younger/virginous) guys are overly excited and constantly looking to advance, rather than focusing on the moment and just relaxing.

    It's easy and organic to escalate, if you've already enjoyed each other's company stress free.

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