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how do you guys overcome a "burnout?"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by yinyang, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. you know the feeling you get awhile after smoking? its like ure not high anymore but ure just tired and super lazy (additional side effects=crazy munchies hehehe)

    how the fuck do you get over that?!
    im thinking bout cutting down because of this. Some ppl say eat or shower but ive tried it and it doesnt really work...
  2. I would also love to know this,burnouts a pain in the ass.....
  3. energy drink gets me everytime monster javas are killer. Coffee is great too..basicly caffine fixes the burnout. for me at least.
  4. Well spoken.
  5. Just drink a Nos or something
  6. smoke another blunt
  7. i like his solution lol
  8. You can't argue with that logic.
  9. i never get burnt out. but id say smoke more and make sure its good weed not mids or something gross.

    id rather not smoke then smoke bad nugget!!!
  10. Whenever I wake up from a long night of marijuana consumption im always burnt out, which is every morning. So before work I smoke a bowl or a snapper and I feel awesome, sometimes you smoke yourself sober.
  11. Mountain dew, i swear me and my roommate drop a 24 pack every 2-3 days lol. But its fine i still have bud from my outdoor last year (thank God), this year i wasn't quite as lucky. I had 10 plants and 8 have sexed male the other two female, all were 5 feet before sexing, luckily the thickest bushiest and smelliest was a female.
  12. Don't ever get burntout. If I get a strong indica or anything with a strong couchlock I'll definately get that but if I don't smoke again before the high wears off I'm back to normal.

    Dunno, maybe I'm weird?


    Now why would you keep 8 males and why wouldn't the female have the most bud? It's the only one that produces it...
  13. smoke a cigarette......or go to sleep...when u wakeup u should be fine
  14. This happened to me when i used to smoke shwag, i cut out the shwag and i was good haha :D
  15. You need to get out and do something active. Jog,Walk,Lift wieghts.
    I know you said your lazy and tired but just do it. And energy drinks aren't the way.. They'll have you good for about 1 hour, then you crash and you even worse. Now they do taste good though. :) I personally love just riding my dirtbike. It's fun, active, and wakes you up. :hello:
  16. take a nap, snort some coke, take some aderial, drink coffee, snort some coke, snort some aderial,smoke some crack, take some pcp, and my favorite; meth

    hahaha really though just take aderial or ritalin, its medication for ADD and itll do thetrick
  17. Just smoke more that always does the trick for me =)

  18. word, can't agree more. Or just pass the fuck out and sleep for two hours that'll help
  19. There's not much you can do about it...what goes up must come down. But if you think that a weed comedown is bad, then you're crazy.

    The best way to get less burnout is to smoke better herb. When you're coming down, exercise and then sleep it off. That's what I've found works best for me. You can only get so high in one day, and if you try to smoke more or drink caffeine to come back up, it will work for a short amount of time, but eventually you need to rest and recover.

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