How do you guys fit together ground-glass joints?

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  1. Wrong again. Labs use glass lubricants and those folks clean like fiends.

    Its the high quality glass that is most likely to freeze because it is of more substance unless you have rubber guards or something. And lets be honest how often do you toke and then immediately clean your works....

    ...uh huh.
  2. What the hell...

    I don't even understand that sentence.

    just like badkitty said, gong joints shouldnt need anything special. And if they do, you must be letting it get resiny between them or something.

  3. Labs, don't use their glass, to smoke cannabis... if you have having joint-sticking issues, it's EXACTLY like I said; poor fitting glass, or you're letting it get MUCH too dirty. Period.

    I clean mine once or twice a week, to twice or three times a month, depending on the frequency of their use.. no sticking here. ;)

    I'm not going to use a glass lube, just so I can be lazy and let my bong turn black before I bother to clean it again. What a waste of good meds, smoking through all that nastiness. :p

    But, to each their own. ;)
  4. Dude its odorless and tasteless. And labs don't smoke through glass but all kinds of substances especially viscous ones pass through their works. If you don't want to use it fine. Don't bother me none. Laziness is not the issue. If you lube when you clean you don't have to worry about it until the next time you clean.

    I am almost a nazi about my glass but not everyone is. And lubricant isn't just to prevent freeze it makes using your works less likely to end up in cracks and scrapes.

    And about the confusion...High quality glass tends to be thicker and heavier. Therefore is more likely to create the kind of PRESSURE necessary to encourage a freeze or bond. If you are using glass that is thin and crappy then why would you bother buying products to preserve it anyway?

  5. I did click the link....
    Tube, bottle, whatever.
    A tube is pretty much a bottle you can squeeze, I don't really see how this effects me.
  6. It's like a lipstick applicator lol. They are like $5 at my shop I'll pick one up and try it soon.
  7. IME, as badkitty said, it's only lower end china glass I have ever seen suffer from hydro-lock. If your tube is actually boro this shouldn't happen unless you have an extensive resin buildup.
  8. Well after testing out Toob Loob on one of the shop pieces for over a week period and accidently jamming my slide into my stem two days in a row from hitting it on the bottom of my desk, I decided to grab some for home use.

    Seems to work pretty well the only thing I don't like is how thick it applys on the joint and can get messy and smear/fingerprint your glass if you arn't careful. You can tell there's like zero friction beween the GonG joints though.

    So I wouldn't say it's a must have as I've gone years without it, but if this one stick lasts while it might be worth having around for peace of mind.
  9. I keep some clear-ish chapstick in my glass carrying/cleaning kit at all times. Just dab a little on each male joint and i promise you will never have a frozen GonG joint. It doesnt take very much and it's not noticeable. Easy preventative maintenance to protect your glass... but this is coming from someone who cleans after each use... lol

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