how do you guys feel about all in one soil?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by waxmonkey, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. ive been looking into soil grows and the kind of soils to use with nutes and all that but i came across this in my hightimes magazine i was wondering what you expierenced growers think about this. is it a scam? should i just grow normally and mix my own soil and nutes or would it not hurt to try this new kinda soil out? it looks legit but im just looking for more opinions, thanks for anyones input!  :hello:

  2. It just looks like an organic soil mix
  3. Mix your own. It's much better than anything that's mass-produced. my grow
  4. "(3) 1.5 cubic ft bags (2) 10oz Bottles of Rhizostym. - $209" :lol:<span> You could mix a couple hundred gallons of premium soil for that price</span>
  5. I'm using Dr. Earth's homegrown potting soil, which is another *supposedly* all in one soil. It's a nice base and it's only about 16 bucks for 1.5 cubic feet rather than 70...  I have been adding fertilizer, but they're cheap and from everything I've read no bagged organic soil is enough to get you all the way through a grow on its own.  If you want to get through a grow without adding anything make your own super soil- there are recipes in the organic section.

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