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How do you guys dress?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420everysecond, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. The typical stoner stereotype is tye die shirts and whatnot, but how do you real stoners dress? At school I normally wear tight but not skin tight jeans with a t-shirt and a nice jacket.

    At home I always take off my shirt and shoes and slip into a larger long sleeved super soft "stoner like" shirt. I also wear some moccasins which are the most comfortable things ever.
  2. Basketball shorts and shirts from zumiez.

    ex. LRG, enjoi, billabong, neff, quiksilver.....

    Not very stoner-like
  3. nikes, long skate shirts or shirts from foot locker.. general skater snowboard skiier style. have like 15 different hats..
  4. I wear logoless white, black, green, red, and blue shirts with jeans. I'll also put on a white or black hoodie, but mostly lighter colours. My closet isnt very big.
  5. Skinny jeans. Band shirts. Flannels. :D
  6. Slowly becoming a hippy
  7. red jump suit on the weeks, blue on the week days, unless it's snowing then I use snow shoes too
  8. Jeans, high top J's, and a 70s or 80s Rock/Metal band T-Shirt
  9. Slim Jeans
    Jordans or Nike sbs(I collect shoes)
  10. Black slim fit dress pants

    Black button up shirt, black or white tie

    Nice comfortable black dress shoes
  11. Vans, "stoner" shirts, long socks
  12. #13 4Stone2Man0, Nov 29, 2011
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    Slim jeans, a white tee or a shirt from wherever or a button up shirt that I keep a few of lying around for a half-ass dress up and cooler days, Nikes or Vans, and a Bob Marley beanie or one of a few hats.
  13. Skate shoes, slim-skinny jeans, t-shirt and sometimes an overshirt.
  14. Dude I just walk around in my underwear
  15. All north carolina shirts, except a couple Nike shirts
    Then either shorts or somewhat skinny jeans.
    Moccasins as preffered footwear
    And a flatbill Tigers hat for whenever
  16. Jeans, work shirts or Purdue wear, nikes.
  17. i'm a nudist
  18. [​IMG]


    Long socks.
    Or Nikes.
    And usually a sweat jacket.
  19. Sometimes I dress like a "stoner" aka when I want to not give a damn: Sweatpants, usually soft and snug, and a tee.

    But then again sometimes I wear skinnies, heels, a crop top and feather earrings. To impress no one.

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