How do you guys act when you get busted?

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  1. Not by the cops, just anti-weed people. (ie. friends parents adults) I've been trying the whole deny till you die thing. Even if someone catches me smoking a jay I'm just like no this is a cigarette. Just deny everything. Someone finds your weed or something just be like I don't know how it got there. Works good so far.
  2. Like random people? I usually tell them to fuck off in the nicest way possible. They should be minding their own business.

    Edit: oh just read that again, yea I would still tell them to mind their own business.
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    last time my mom said something was when she had to get in my car for some reason (snowstorm the night before, I hotboxed it with a kush blunt cus I had nowhere else to smoke it hahah) so yeah my car is reaking hard lol
    she wakes me up with something like " YOUR CAR SMELLS REALLY GOOD!!!!" (sarcastic as fuck lol) and I basically just didn't even answer her then she said my brakes seemed fucked and I said ok ill check it out lol thats about it
    :confused_2: shes pretty against it but she knows bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks
  4. If they don't seem to mind, then I treat them as I would anyone. If they get pissed-off and all righteous and shit (which most do), I tell them to go fuck themselves with a chainsaw and then go find a place to smoke where such idiots can't find me.
  5. My mother caught me once and started telling me how bad it was, i just told her that she nor the government has the right to tell me what i can and cant do and then try and remind me that god gave us 'free will' and the fact that im still living under her roof so i don't smoke in or around the house and don't come home baked out of my mind so that she should understand that i'm still respectful to her, where if i drank as much as i smoked i probably wouldn't be
  6. don't give a fuuuuuuck.
  7. My parents know I smoke and my friends that don't smoke themselves don't care, so I'm set in those regards. As for random people, who cares what they think? I'll smoke my joint and do what I'm gonna do regardless lol. Fuck them.
  8. Simple. When they say, "What are you doing?". I simply say back, "Minding my own business."
  9. in the words of my uncle "Im gonna do what i do, shorty"
  10. My parents:

    I just tell them im not high and im just tired. They know im lying but they just go with it.

    Random people:

    If they found out they found out. But i wouldnt say im high, I would still deny. lol
  11. My family has no room to criticize, they all were heavy smokers in their youth, lol. But I usually just shrug..make a joke about it...continue. I have respect not to just go to their house and blow up their bathroom, so I mean as long as im in my own little space it's cool.

    Friends? blow it in their face.
    Cops? pretend like I've hand a rough emotional eyes are red from crying, I'm good at producing tears when I need to, make up a sad story how my girl friend left me and I don't know what to do..and blah blah worked once.I should of got a oscar.
  12. Well since I'm now 30, I don't really give a fuck when people catch me to be honest.

    The only people I care about catching me are the cops.

    Just this last weekend I was out at a store, smoking in my car before I went shopping. It was me and my girl and my girls sister. Some one kinda walks by the car and they did a double take and looked back at my car because we were all toking.

    My girlfriends sister said something like "oh shit she caught us, what should we do??"

    I simply replied, "we finish smoking this bowl, and smoke another, then we go inside and go shopping. I'm not worried" lol
  13. I dont get "busted". Nobody says shit to me. Haven't even had trouble with the police, and i've walked down the street smoking multiple blunts. If you are smart about shit nobody should even know, and the ones that do shouldn't care. If someone were to confront me about it id tell them to fuck off though. I do my thing and let others do theirs.
  14. I've never been caught no one really cares that I smoke everyone I know I guess knows I do they don't say anything my parents just don't want to see me do it but they don't care but we don't talk see each other much anyway these days..
  15. If a stranger or peer says something to me, I usually just smile and continue about my business.

    Over the holidays, I was walked-in-on by my girlfriend's mom. I was staying in their house for Christmas and went out back one night (after midnight) to toke up on some stuff my girl's brother had hooked me up with. Just as I was coming back in, she came into the kitchen (where the back door was). She breathed in and I knew she could smell it, and she asked what I was doing.

    I thought to say that I was feeling hot and needed some fresh air, but then I realized that I'd hesitated too long, so I told her I'd gone out "for a little smokey smoke, y'know what I'm sayin'?" Then I went back to my bed in the basement and she never said anything about it the next day.

    So... stranger or parent, I admit to it. I don't care.
  16. people Im around always trying to shake me down so they can smoke good
  17. I come down with hard facts about alcohol vs marijuana haha
  18. Well you see, I have this big ol' bag of fucks here. And well, the thing is, those people aren't getting any of my fucks. Not a single fuck will be given to those people.
  19. [quote name='"TheDankDude"']Well you see, I have this big ol' bag of fucks here. And well, the thing is, those people aren't getting any of my fucks. Not a single fuck will be given to those people.[/quote]

    I sometimes call a smoke session refillin my give-a-fucks. However they need a while to cool down before I can give a fuck a way.

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