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how do you go about getting connections?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skinhead zack, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. im tired of paying $50 an 1/8th when i hear people telling me about how they get the same thing for $20 because of their connections. how do they do it? how do all of you get good connections?
  2. it's all about who you know.
  3. just keep on tokin baby ;) No but seriously, you get connections gradually by meeting different people who smoke. Some of these people will be dealers themselves and most will personally know a dealer or 2. Keep making weedfriends and the connections will come to you.
  4. That's exactly right, its how I got all my connections. And how all my friends got theirs.

  5. exactly....
  6. The best deal I get around here is $75 a quarter, but thats once in a while
  7. 75$ a quarter!!! i get mine like for 20$
  8. a quarter around here goes for about 10-15, maybe that's just for me though.
  9. I'm sorry but I don't believe you. You get a quarter for 15 dollars? Of what? Schwag? Do you even know how much a quarter is? Whoever is slanging you a quarter of dank for 15 dollars is either really stupid or is very very generous. If the latter is the case, your a lucky motherfucking guy
  10. Oh yeah, don't go through the trouble of finding connections (unless it comes to you) takes a while to develop a friendship with a dealer you just occasionally smoke with. Just learn how to grow got all your resources right on this website and people here will be more than willing to help you out
  11. i'm sorry, i thought we were talking about swag, i didn't mean to make it seem like i was lying...being stoned for almost three weeks will do that to you. i don't even buy it in quarters, but i get my eighths for 40. i dont' like buying dank though, i just prefer lots and lots of swag all the time. once again, sorry for the confusion.
  12. Pretty good semi-skunk goes for
    about $100.00 the oz. here in Oklahoma
    (where the wind comes whipping down the plain).
    I do have a good connection who has a
    good connection. My guy doesn't add any
    shipping & handling fees when he passes
    it to me. Just what he pays. Good to have
    friends who make all the money they need
    with their day job.

    I think PHX, AZ is about $75 / OZ.
    Usually, the closer to Mexico the cheaper
    the reefage. More supply......

  13. Schwag here goes for 20 an 1/8 30 for a 1/4.
    Dank is 60 for an 1/8.
  14. i can get 1/8 of dro for 40
  15. My connections back home, were pretty much my friends, and their parents. Then I moved, and I had no one. Connections just come to you, but so far I haven't found anyone reliable for a decent price. I overpay on stuff I'd normally reject, but if I want to get high I have to settle for less.

    You really have to be careful in this town. If you don't get ripped off, you'll probably get narced on.
  16. out here i'm usually paying about 40 an 1/8 for high mids, but i have learned that the more you buy the cheaper it is and in the long run you are gonna end up spending the same amount of money so you might as well spend it all at once to get more weed. also you should have your dealer weigh it out in front of you to make sure he isn't cuttin you short. but i guess it all depends on who your dealer is cause some dealers might take offense to you wanting them to weigh it out.
  17. alright, when ppl ask u in school or other places, say u smoke. get to know em, maybe smoke wit em a cuple a time, then they'll have sum friends, and ya meet ppl like that. u chill wit a homay and go to the crib and dealerz will pop out all over u. chill with stoners and the dealers will come

  18. well then i guess im kinda a lucky person!
  19. join a band....da shizzle is tossed at you nightly then. When I am in need it's not too hard to find some. Just loke for the obvious stoners and go talk to them
  20. i used to have great connection until my boy got thrown in jail,now im stuck with city swage for 5 a nic because all the guy deal with is nics and the shit gives you a head ache so life sucks since my boy went to jail

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