How do you go about asking?

Discussion in 'General' started by shelly0021, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Well I'm new to smoking.. My friends were all too excited to take my weed virginity. I know that they smoke on a regular basis and they aren't shy about talking about weed to me. The thing is that I would feel so sketchy about going up to them and asking them to get me some weed.. How can I go about asking them, or should I just text them?
  2. "I'd be down to blaze with you guys sometime, I've got cash"
  3. After you do smoke with them, just text one of them and ask if they can hook you up with a guy to get more (if you decide to continue).
  4. Just ask them man, there your friends, no need to feel odd about it. Ask them to hook you up with there dealer. And welcome to the city! :wave::smoking:
  5. "Yo, can I get a bag?"
  6. you need homies who slang, they give you good deals and can hook you up. strangers are most likely are stingy and would definately charge their weed up to 20 a gram
  7. "smoke me up. i want to get so high my eyes bleed and i choke on my tongue"
  8. "Bro, me and you guys need to get fuckin CHOPPED" (whatever your guys' slang for super-fucking-high is.
  9. "hey Lets all get BLASTED"
  10. "yo how long does that high last?"

    "oh yea? u mind if a take a hit or 2"

    buy them lunch
  11. Ask them to join sometime.

    It's simple. Don't overthink it.
  12. try something along the lines of "You..Me...Weed..NOW"

    or just ask um if they can please hook you up with some bud or with a dealer :]
  13. yo lemme get a hit of that.

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